The photo that sums up an unspoken rule about proposing, that we definitely need to talk about.

A viral photo shared on Twitter has shone a spotlight on something most women have quietly thought about, but never wanted to say out loud, when it comes to getting engaged.

Let’s be real: Did you even get engaged if you don’t post a photo of you with your fiancé and the wedding ring, within an hour of the proposal? Pfft, obviously not.

But this poses a problem.

What if you weren’t… ready. Nail-wise.

Twitter user @goodgaljenjen, shared how she became the official MVP at her cousin’s engagement by offering her hand-modelling duties during a crucial moment.


Jenna’s tweet was short and sweet, but said everything about a) the awkwardness of getting engaged when your hand and nails are not in their best condition, and b) the ‘expectations’ vs ‘reality’ divide of any Instagram engagement shot.

And excuse us, but can we just take a minute to appreciate the crossed-arm, multi-tasking, second-camera action? Truly, photography work worthy of an A-grade influencer.

marriage proposals ideas
THE Image: Twitter.
marriage proposals ideas
REAL Image: Twitter.
marriage proposals ideas
MVP Image: Twitter.

Since sharing her post under a day ago, Jenna's photos have since gone viral, with nearly 2,500 comments, 106,000 retweets and 457,000 likes.

Several replies have also proven that pre-proposal nail care anxiety is very much a thing and why is it so difficult being a woman.



Do you have any similar stories to share? Is this something you're genuinely worried about? Please tell us in a comment below.

This is life with and without nails... all manicure devotees will know this to be true.