The do's and don'ts of sharing your same-sex marriage vote on social media.

The first batch of marriage equality surveys have officially hit the post this week and with that has come thousands of tweets, Instagram photos and Facebook posts showing not only the form itself but also how people are voting.

But before you make plans to do something similar when your survey arrives in your letterbox, there are some things you should know about social media and your vote card.

Can you show which way you’re voting?

Yes, you can! Because the marriage equality plebiscite is a survey, there are no legal ramifications for sharing a photo of your vote card with a big tick in the ‘yes’ box or a big tick in the ‘no’ box. Two strikes in both boxes, though, and your survey is out.

Can you show the entire form? 

No, you cannot. On each survey form is a unique barcode that, if posted to social media, could easily be replicated by someone else and returned to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. And if two surveys come in with the same barcode, both are void.

Speaking to Fairfax on Thursday morning, an ABS spokesperson clarified, “We’re instructing people to follow the instructions that come with every survey form and return the form with their preference. If people follow the instructions, and they take care their of own privacy, we expect the survey process will be as effective”.

Can you show your vote hitting the letterbox? 


You certainly can, and it’s likely Australia Post would love the free publicity.

marriage equality ballot paper
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Can you glitter bomb your vote? 

As fun as that would be, no, you absolutely cannot. Buzzfeed posed this question to the ABS back in August, and sadly they said that any additional materials added to your survey envelope will deem your vote ineligible.


So unless you want your ballot paper to get destroyed, ditch the glitter.

Listen: Mamamia Out Loud's message for Prime Minister Turnbull about the vote. 


marriage equality ballot paper
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