Sure, Tim Cahill's goal was great. But this is the World Cup photo that really matters.

It’s official. The World Cup has taken over the news.

And for those of us who care more about Caitlin Stasey, Iraq and the Rolf Harris trial than soccer? Those endless sportsy headlines can feel a little alienating.

But this morning, we’re all talking about the event because of one gorgeous, quiet moment captured on camera: the moment handsome Soceroos midfielder Mark Bresciano crouched down to tie the shoelaces of a little boy.

The boy, who was using crutches, couldn’t reach the shoe himself.

Unfortunately for the lovely Mr Bresciano, Chile beat Australia in the 13 June game 3-1.

And now, just because, here’s a look at some more lovely soccer players:

What’s been your favourite World Cup moment so far?