Viewers voice their outrage at 'disrespectful sex scene' on Big Brother UK.

His dad is known as “the Godfather of modern cooking”, an icon of the culinary world, but Marco Pierre White Jr‘s reputation isn’t quite so lofty. In fact, the model’s recent on-air antics have him being labelled ‘disgusting’, ‘disrespectful’ and even ‘scum’ by Big Brother UK viewers.

According to The Mirror, the UK’s media watchdog Ofcom has received hundreds of complaints over the past few days, after Channel 5 broadcast a highlights episode of the reality programme in which Pierre-White Jr appeared to have sex with a fellow housemate.

The 21-year-old was shown sucking the bare nipple of 30-year-old media personality Laura Carter and later asking her to “whip” and “choke” him with his belt.

The pair were also shown writhing under the sheets, leading many to speculate they had sex.

Via Channel 5.

Pierre-White's tryst with Carter (who once claimed to have participated in a threesome with Justin Beiber) is made all the more scandalous due to the fact that he is due to marry 36-year-old fashion designer Kim Melville-Smith.

Despite her beau's on-air claims that they have an "open relationship", Melville-Smith Tweeted to the contrary: "I said hallpass NOT open relationship," she wrote. " I don't watch [Big Brother] but I heard this today. Worst thing [is] I can't even talk to him."

Dozens of viewers slammed Big Brother UK via its Facebook page following Sunday's episode, calling the content "disgusting", "x-rated" and "sickening".

Ofcom is investigating whether to sanction the programme for inappropriate content.