We ask Rosie Waterland everything you want to know about The Bachelor.

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This week on the Mamamia Out Loud Podcast, it’s roses out for the most romantic show of the year.

Here at MM headquarters we lit the candles.

We popped the bubbly.

We feasted on canapes pizza and Tim Tams and dressed in our finest.

Sort of.

The White Rose arrives.


The Channel Ten show hit our screens last night with the highest ratings of all the seasons thus far, but once the candles were out, it was all eyes on Rosie Waterland’s recap.

On the Mamamia Out Loud podcast, Rosie tells us why this year has completely changed from previous ones. Has it jumped the shark? Has it gone too far with the bats**t crazy? Do the producers know that we’re all watching UnREAL now and we know their sneaky little games?

And if we’re a website that empowers women, why does Mamamia relish in the spectacle of the program that, in Rosie’s words, is a bizzare polyamorous fight to the death?

There’s a good reason.

Listen in. It’s the podcast that can make you feel smart about something dumb.


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And in “tell what all the new cool kids are doing that I don’t understand,” it’s squinching.

Not quiiiiiite.

It’s the show where too much information is never enough.

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