What happened when we set up a 'survival station' on the Logies red carpet.

Every year on Aussie television’s night of nights the stars of the silver screen spruce up for the Logies.

By the time they step out on the red carpet they’ve already been through hours of prepping and preening, and you can bet by the end of the night they’re practically dead on their feet.

That’s why we sent out our one woman survival station (and director of podcasts) Monique Bowley, armed with everything a star might need to see them through to the after party.

Here's... Mons!

Dressed in glamorous high-vis and accessorising with a pink mirror round her neck, Mons had lollies. She had mints. She even had a steak for any paleo people she might encounter.

There were tissues and anti-bacterial wipes. Bobby pins, lacker bands, hairspray and combs. Deodorant, obviously.

She even had some thongs strapped to her chest and a spare pair of knickers.

Leigh Sales needed a safety pin. SAVED.

The Real Housewives of Melbourne were bloody thirsty. NOT FOR LONG.

And Andy Lee's girlfriend Rebecca Harding had almost nothing in her handbag. (We didn't help her, it just BLEW OUR MINDS.)

Anyway, watch how it all went down in the video above and remember, Australia...


Stop. Revive. Survive.

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