Mamamia's 'best and worst' of the week. How are you going?

Made someone smile lately?




Well hey, beautiful people.

Welcome back to Best and Worst – the post in which we catch up over what seems to have been a whirlwind week (how is it August already? Is anyone else stuck on that?) and talk about how our lives are going.

This is my favourite post of the week on Mamamia by far. I get to catch up on what our readers are up to and feel like I’m part of all of your worlds.

I’ll kick us all off because I have a rather awesome best…

Best: I’m going to New Zealand! In fact, if you’re reading this anytime past 9am EST on Friday the 2nd August, I’m most likely on a plane already. I’m heading to Queenstown with 10 of my friends for 14 days and it’s going to be incredible. I’m going over to ski, but I may or may not also plan to take advantage of the fact that Queenstown has 42 bars within 1 square kilometre. When in Rome, and all that.

Worst: No personal worst, beside the complete lack of disorganisation due to me underestimating the amount of time left until I actually got on said plane. I packed last night in a panicked haze while the six extra people staying at my house (!!!) brought a whole new meaning to the term “boisterous”. Let’s see what I end up with in my suitcase when I get over there. Let’s hope it’s somewhat useful.

This week we showcased some brilliant Smart Solutions for storage to make your life a million times easier. You can watch the video here and see the gallery of tips below. Thanks to the all new Kia Rondo.

What was your best and worst of the week?