23 things that happened when the Prime Minister visited Mamamia.

Mia Freedman told very few people about the VVVIP guest she asked to launch her book, Work Strife Balance.

But at 10:13am this morning, two minutes ahead of schedule, Prime Minister Malcolm Trumble Turnbull walked humbly out of the little red lift, and into the Mamamia office.

Awaiting him was a sea of Mamamia staff members, their families and a particularly keen barista who was onsite for the day.

Here’s what went down…

    1. Everyone stopped doing any work (obviously).
    2. Company revenue declined sharply.
    3. Staff members rocked up to the office with their mums (and some, their dads).
    4. There was a coffee cart.
    5. Mia Freedman nearly weed herself.
    6. Mia found a fidget spinner. Settled nerves. Greeted PM whilst playing with it.
      Image supplied.
    7. The PM was greeted as he entered by two eight-year-old boys - who had the morning off school, obviously - in their school uniforms.
    8. The PM posed for photos with approximately 17, 000 combinations of different people, shook everyone's hand, and remembered their names.
    9. Small child fell asleep mid-photo with the PM. While standing up. 
      Malcolm who?

      "Did... did I miss it?"
    10. Someone's child (unidentified) yanked all internet cords from the company computers. Almost caused site crash.
    11. Peter Fitzsimons had his red bandana on.
      Some of Australia's media icons. Image supplied.
    12. PM Turnbull asked if there was any black tea so we made him some black tea.
    13. A four-year-old girl tried to put a rubber spider on the Prime Minister's seat.
    14. Doughnut Time and Sparkle Cupcakery provided edible goods.
    15. A staff member's Mum took an unsolicited photograph of Leigh Sales and uploaded it to Facebook.
    16. Impressed Cold Pressed Juices provided juices of the green (hipster) and orange varieties. An eight-year-old boy - one of the eight-year-old boys who greeted the PM - drank many orange juices. Many.
    17. Caroline Overington gave the Prime Minister a gentle roasting (teased... she teased him) during her opening speech. He took it well.
      Mia with Caroline Overington after her speech. Image supplied.
    18. PM Malcolm Turnbull made a speech about Mia and her book and women everywhere. It was brilliant.
    19. Aforementioned eight-year-old boy threw up orange juice and doughnut in the CEO's office because he "laughed and then coughed".
    20. Mia made a speech about how 'balance is bullsh*t' and thanked her parents and sons and daughter and husband and friends and staff members - all of whom supported her while she wrote Work Strife Balance, and all of whom were in the room cheering her on.
    21. Lisa Wilkinson came straight from her special 10-year-anniversary edition of Today only to arrive as speeches finished.
    22. Malcolm Turnbull took a selfie with Mia. Bought two copies of Work Strife Balance for his wife and daughter with cash. Asked Mia to sign them.
    23. The barista took a selfie with Malcolm Turnbull.

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