You need to see this makeup artist transform herself into Cara Delevingne.

If you’ve ever looked at model Cara Delevingne and wished you looked a little more like her, you’re in luck.

To mark the model’s recent birthday, Italian makeup artist Roberta Larosa aka atrebor8 has shared a tutorial with her 27,000 Instagram followers inspired by the Suicide Squad actress.

Rather than just recreate her usual makeup look (complete with infamous brows), Larosa literally transforms herself into Delevingne using only makeup, a blonde wig and a pair of coloured contact lenses.


Using contouring skills that would make a Kardashian green with envy, the 23-year-old transforms her face and features to not just resemble, but BECOME Delevingne.

The final result?

Well, let’s just say you’ll double take…

Delevingne isn't the law graduate's only subject. She's also posted awe-inspiring transformations into Ariana Grande and even David Beckham. (Seriously, it's a must watch.)

Even more impressive is how she does it.

"I just choose a character and then I immediately try to do it, as you can see in my videos. I try to imagine my face as a white piece of paper and I do the same steps that I usually do when I draw a portrait," she told Glamour.

Kandee Johnson is another YouTuber known for her celebrity transformations. Post continues after gallery.

"Every single time it's a challenge for me, because I completely change my face's features using shadows and lights. My celebrity versions don't always look exactly the same, but I have fun in any case."

It takes dedication though - on average, the transformations take around five hours.

As for must-have products, Larosa swears by the Anastasia Beverly Hills Countour Kit, $70 to do her highlighting and contouring.

"It gives me a more realistic effect," she said.

Image: Instagram/@atrebor8

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