The foolproof ways you can make friends as an adult, even if you're shy.

When you were a kid it was easy to make friends. In primary school, all it took was half your play lunch and an all-access pass to your Connector Pens and you could cement a side-kick for an entire school year.

In high school, all you needed was a copy of TV Hits or a carefully selected ironic T-shirt (depending on your vibe) to hook a bestie you thought would be for life.

But when you’re grown up things are a little trickier.

People go in and out of long-term relationships or move cities for work, and friendships begin to lapse.

So, how do you make new friends when suddenly sharing your Kit Kat won’t cut it? It’s easy, actually.


Here are some ideas that aren't just having a beer with your workmates on a Friday night (although, that's not a bad place to start).

Join a sports team.

It might sound cliche, but joining a sports team is basically jumping into a ready-made friendship circle.

You get to hang out regularly, you'll likely bond over your shared unhealthy sense of competition or, erm, a profound lack of co-ordination. Win-win.

Get to know your neighbours.

This can be hit and miss, but odds are the people who choose to hang their hats in your neighbourhood chose it for the very same reasons you did.

Knock on the door, invite them round for a cuppa and if they're awful at least you'll have them on side when you have a party down the track (with all your new friends, obviously).


Pursue a hobby.

Join a book club. Take up ceramics at your local community centre. Do some volunteering. Learn to cook or speak French.

It's an easy way to meet people with shared interest and, failing that, at least you'll be well-read, have a new vase, do some good, know how to whip up a killer cheesecake and be bilingual.

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Say 'yes' to everything.

From Friday night drinks to dogsitting to catching up with that girl you met in the toilet line at the club, just say 'yes' to everything. You never know what might happen.

You'll be making friends in no time.

Don't be afraid to introduce yourself.

If you like the look of someone say 'hello'. Think their slacks are swell? Tell them!

Striking up a conversation is the easiest way to check if you click with someone. Who knows maybe the grumpy barista at your local cafe is a BFF waiting to happen.

Get an app.

For anyone who's ever wished there was a Tinder-style app for finding friends, there is! Actually, there's a few.

Tinder Social and Bumble BFF are two popular versions of the dating apps which let you swipe for pals, not sex.

Go on a blind (friend) date.

Don't be shy. If a friend of a friend lives in the same city go and grab a coffee, invite them for a stroll in the park... odds are if you like the same person, you'll like each other just as much.