Married At First Sight's Nick on desperate search after learning deep family secret.

Nick Furphy may have found love on the hit reality TV series Married At First Sight, but it seems there’s one thing still missing from his life: his long lost sibling.

Writing on Instagram, 30-year-old launched a desperate plea to the public to help him track down his forgotten family member.

“Reaching out to Lesley Gould,” he wrote.

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“Dad told me there is a chance I have an older brother or sister. He doesn’t even know.

“Something happened back in 1978 in WA (magic). If there is a chance they are out there I’m excited to reach out.”

It is not known whether Lesley is the sibling in question, or the mother of Nick’s half-sibling, who would now be 39 years old.

The message was also shared by Nick’s ‘wife’ Sharon Marsh, who wrote that she believes “miracles can happen”.

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Nick and Sharon found love on Married At First Sight. Image via Channel 9.

"We are starting here on insta," the 31-year-old wrote.

Just last month, Nick revealed his father would be tested for Motor Neurone disease. Nick said it was not yet known if his father had the incurable disease, or whether he was suffering from spinal damage.

"Dad's supported me my whole life and I've gotta be there for him and know what's really going on," he told TV Week of his father's mystery illness.

Love ya dad

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His father's illness was a big part in Sharon's offer to Melbourne from Perth to be with her new partner, allowing Nick to stay by his dad's side.

Fans have flooded both Nick and Sharon's social media accounts with messages of support.

Others shared stories of finding their long lost family members to give Nick hope.

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"Don't give up on this," one fan wrote.

"My mother found her birth mother after 71 years and now has 5 siblings too. I wish you well on your search."

"Time heals all wounds and blood is blood amazing," wrote another.