The Married At First Sight photo that has us very, very confused.

Married At First Sight might be over for the year but the Instagram accounts of this season’s stars are just getting started.

In a move that’ll surely break your reality TV heart, Andrew ‘Jonesy’ Jones posted a pic last night which featured him and Simon on what appears to be a BOIZ night.

He captioned the photo: “Lad…Simon has ‘Swag’ True Aussie”.

Lad.. Simon has ‘Swag’ True Aussie ????????

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We’re not entirely sure what that means (because BOIZ) but we don’t like it.

You’ll remember that Simon was one of only two guys who stood up for Cheryl on that infamous boys night in which Jonesy slagged her off and made fun of her fake boobs.

Why the experts let us down in the MAFS final on The Binge. Post continues… 

As grooms like Anthony and Nick egged Andrew on to mock Cheryl’s personality, intelligence and breasts, it was just Simon and Sean who sat back in disbelief and didn’t participate.

Simon told the producers “Cheryl didn’t deserve to be spoken of in such a manner”, while Sean “thought it was pretty f****** s***”. When it came to ‘cheers-ing’ beers, the duo refused, each later labelling the whole incident “disappointing”.

In the final, final, FINAL episode the experts confronted Jonesy with the footage from that night, and all of Australia was ‘cheers-ing’.

Both Simon and Sean reiterated that they didn’t think boys behaviour towards Cheryl on that night was appropriate and Jonesy finally admitted that he acted like a jerk. Kinda.


But now Simon is catching up with Jonesy on ‘the outside’, Alene and her cage are nowhere to be seen, and Susan has revealed that Sean is not the man the show made him out to be and, well, we don’t know what to think.

Could it be that a reality TV show was heavily edited to make us believe things that aren’t actually true? WAIT, WHAT?


…. Surely not.

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