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Guy Sebastian just compared MAFS' Mark and Ning to mating giraffes and WHAT?


There was little more the MAFS-watching population (and expert Mel Schilling) cared about than whether Mark and Ning were banging.

The will they-won’t they bang dynamic (a trope as old as time) between the slightly dysfunctional faux married couple had us hooked.

Watch Ning and Mark’s very awkward first conversation at the altar. Post continues below.

… It also made us realise we are filthy perverts who find the sex lives of total strangers utterly fascinating.

As it turns out, even our favourite Aussie celebrities are perves found themselves as immersed in Mark and Ning’s infamously cold sex life as us.

Enter Guy Sebastian… and a video of giraffes.


Posting to Instagram, the former Eurovision contestant captioned the wildlife footage “Actual footage of Mark and Ning from #MAFS.”

In the footage, a female giraffe can be seen grazing in the wild (supposedly Ning – whose first words to her husband were “I’m just here for the food”, so we guess it’s fitting) as a male giraffe attempts to mount her from behind.

This is… Mark.

The female, however, quickly scurries away from the male and all that is missing is Ning’s red dress and Mel Schilling saying the word ‘intimate’ over and over.


The post has over 41,500 likes because of course it does.

Ning obviously saw the funny side of being compared to a wild animal, commenting: ‘Too funny @guysebastian.’


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Actual footage of Mark and Ning from #MAFS

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While there were whispers Mark and Ning might have rekindled their romance following the show’s reunion episode and after Mark ripped Ning’s heart out at the final commitment ceremony, Ning recently told Mamamia she suspects Mark has a new girlfriend.

She did, however, reveal that they spent the night together after the final dinner party, so we can safely assumed sex did happen, and somewhere in the world Mel Schilling is smiling.