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REJOICE: Ning and Mark spent the night together after the MAFS reunion dinner party.

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While last night’s epic and emotionally exhausting MAFS finale answered many a question we had nagging at us by the end of the season (i.e do the contestants all come out of the experiment alive?), we still felt as though there were loose ends that desperately needed tying up.

Namely, did Ning and Mark bang after the reunion dinner party or no?


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Oh no shove some food in my mouth cause I never know what’s coming out of it! #sorry #notsorry #justdoingme #MAFS

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(Honestly, Mel Schilling really let us down last night. We truly expected more from her.)

Despite the fact that Ning was straight-up awful to Mark on their fake wedding day, and that he ripped her heart out at the final commitment ceremony, all we wanted was for their deeply flawed and dysfunctional relationship to continue beyond the show. Because, much like the experts, forcing two people together who have nothing in common other than the immense emotional distress they cause each other brings us joy.


That’s… how MAFS gets its ratings, isn’t it?

If you don’t remember how their “marriage” began approximately 18,000 years ago when MAFS started, Ning greeted her groom by yelling in his face: “I’m just here for the food and drinks.”

It was glorious. And also us at every single wedding we’ve ever been to.

Watch Ning and Mark’s very awkward conversation at the altar. Post continues below.

Luckily for us, the gods of commercial radio have delivered, and we finally have answers to support our ongoing investment in the sex lives of two complete strangers.

(Is there… something wrong with us? Probably).

Speaking with Carly and Seamus on Hit 103.5 this morning, the mother-of-three revealed that she did, in fact, go home with Mark and his reunion dinner party beard.

“Let’s just say I went back to his place after the reunion,” she said.

Which means SEX HAPPENED and somewhere in Australia expert Mel is smiling.

Ning also hinted that they could actually be back together.

“Let’s be honest… our relationship has been under the microscope the whole time, so some things are better left unsaid,” she said, before adding “I’m not confirming or denying anything.”

Ahh, that’s the cagey Ning we all know and love.

Never change.