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We need to talk about Jessika straight-up sabotaging Ning's fake marriage on MAFS tonight.


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Things on MAFS have officially gone too far.

Yes, we know it’s a television program, but it’s really starting to upset us and we are not OK.

Jessika just used Ning’s husband Mark as a scapegoat to take the heat off her affair with Dan, leaving Ning as collateral and… no.

Ning has become the unlikely favourite of MAFS and you will not hurt her, Jessika.

She has come a long way to secure a spot in our hearts, not to mention the experts’, who will not be happy if she decides to leave the experiment before sleeping with her fake husband.

But Jessika clearly doesn’t care about anyone but Jessika, so while attempting to divert the attention from her nationally-broadcasted indiscretions during the ~girls night~ (otherwise known as the pre-planned MAFS b*tch fight), she decided it was time to tell Ning about some potentially fake second-hand gossip passed down from her husband/victim Mick.

Because MAFS is… MAFS, we all know Ning and Mark have not engaged in the sex yet, even though their feelings are very strong. But now, they may never seal the deal and we are more upset about it than we should be.

According to Mick-via-Jess, Mark has told da boiz he plans to “sleep with a heap of b*tches” out of sexual frustration when he leaves the show.


Yep. Just like that Jessika “shifted the focus”, and honestly where is Cyrell when you need her.

Someone definitely needs to tell Jessika she ain’t no King-Dinga-Ling.

While we refuse to believed it, obviously Ning was hurt by this nasty piece of gossip, and Twitter had a lot to say about it:










And perhaps our favourite tweet directed at MAFS at this point in time:

Why the f*ck indeed.