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"She wanted to be the villain." Everything that has happened since the final vows on MAFS.

Warning: There are loads of spoilers ahead. Proceed with caution.

Season nine of Married At First Sight is almost nearing its end, but we still have so many questions. 

While the final vows have come and gone, the drama is still raging on behind the scenes. 

And judging from the previews for the final two episodes, there is still so much more to find out.

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So, until the season finally comes to an end, here's everything that has happened since the final vows on Married At First Sight.

Brent claims Tamara wanted to be the "villain" this season. 

In a recent radio interview with Jimmy and Nath on Hit Hobart 100.9, Brent shared that he was done with Tamara saying "dumb" and "silly" things.

"I literally didn't tell her anything to do with that kind of stuff," he said, referring to Tamara's claims that Brent applied for MAFS to be an influencer. 

"It's not even my dreams goals or ambitions and she admitted this live on TV," he added.


"It’s just a burnt little girl. It’s not the first time she’s done silly things and said dumb stuff."

As for their time in the experiment, Brent claimed that Tamara was the one who "wanted" to be the villain of the season.

Image: Channel Nine.

"It’s just a joke, I’m the one who actually sat there trying. You know what I mean? She’s the one who said she couldn’t wait to be to be the baddy. There were stronger girls on there and someone like me on there who wouldn't give in to her," he said.


"She wanted to be the villain on there and call people out, but she got overthrown by females in there what were a lot stronger, a lot more level-headed, and a lot more articulate with their words."

Ella teases a possible cheating scandal between Mitch and Tamara.

So, it appears Tamara and Ella have a bit of beef. 

Speaking to Mike E and Emma, Ella claimed that a lot of drama between the contestants hadn't been aired, including a possible cheating scandal between Tamara and Mitch. 

"She did reach out before final vows because the reunion is filmed six weeks post final vows," she told the radio hosts.

"She wanted to grab dinner with him and Sam and a mutual friend they had. Mitchell did tell me and he told Brent... but the intentions behind it all, it is pretty grey."

Image: Channel 9.


As for the truth? Ella said she isn't so sure if she'll ever get it from either Mitch or Tamara. 

"It's a bit he said, she said right now," she said. 

"Tamara and I didn't really talk to be honest. She caused a bit of drama with Mitch and I."

Apparently Cody dumped Selina the morning after the reunion party. 

According to new reports, Cody allegedly dumped his bride the morning after the final reunion party. 

"They caught up a few times after filming," a source told So Dramatic! 

"They then did the whole long-distance thing for a few weeks after the final vows - she’s in Adelaide, he’s in Sydney," the source added.

"They did have genuine and real feelings - well Selina did anyway, who knows about Cody - but it was very complicated."

The drama escalated when Selina received a text from Cody the morning after the reunion party.


Image: Channel Nine.

"Cody and Selina attend the reunion together, but then Cody dumped Selina after the reunion dinner party at 5am in the morning or something. Literally straight after the dinner party. It’s f**ked up," the source explained.

"She was lost for words, really," they added. "No one knew about it until they got on the couch. She didn’t tell anyone before."


As a result, things got very awkward for the rest of the cast. 

"When they left, they never really spoke again. Just a few messages here and there," the source claimed. 

"The night after filming wrapped, they all went to a bar in Sydney and Selina was so upset she didn’t want Cody to show up. It was super awkward for everyone."

Ella and Mitch rekindled their romance after final vows. 

Mitch and Ella's final vows were... a lot.

While the groom said he was unsure about where they stood as a couple - and thus needed more time to make a decision - So Dramatic has claimed that the couple were able to patch things up and rekindle their relationship.

Plus, Ella and Mitch reportedly showed up to the final vows as happy and in-love as ever?! 

Yep, we're confused too. 

"Ella and Mitch return to the experiment together," a source from the set reportedly told the So Dramatic! podcast

"It’s a huge shock to everyone considering what happened with them at the final vows," they added.

"They seemed really solid. Mitch tells everyone that he’s committed to Ella at the reunion.

"It was nice to see them finish the season strong. They seemed to be in a good place."

Feature Image: Channel Nine.

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