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1. “I was being protected.” MAFS’ Chris on why he and Vanessa were excused from the reunion.

It’s safe to say this season of Married at First Sight has been… rogue.

From a cheating scandal (thanks, Michael and Hayley) to a certain pooey toothbrush incident, it hasn’t seemed as if MAFS producers have cut out any sweet, drama-filled content to avoid overwhelming audiences.

So, hearing the news that MAFS couple, Chris Nicholls and Vanessa Romito, have been excused from the reunion (where the cast are debriefed on all the juicy things that went down over the course of the season), has opened up a few questions.


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Nothing is worth losing your happy over! Hold your head high and walk away from those who don’t see your worth! Always pick YOU first. #MAFS

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37-year-old Chris spoke to NW magazine claiming he “was advised that he was being protected by not giving Vanessa a platform.”


Chris and Vanessa’s relationship was relatively inconspicuous on the show, with the couple leaving rather abruptly despite their seemingly good connection.

Exactly what went down between the pair is unknown, but we can count on the reunion to bring the drama with or without Vanessa and Chris.

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 2. Oh. MAFS’ Stacey Hampton just opened up about her relationship status and we’re… confused.

While Stacey Hampton and Michael Goonan officially left the Married at First Sight experiment together on Sunday night, (spoiler alert!) we know for sure the couple are no longer together. Hampton spilled the beans in an Instagram story just moments after the episode’s airing.

Stacey discussed why her relationship with Michael came to an end over Instagram, saying: “You’ll see at the reunion why we’re not together. I was accused of cheating. Michael believed it and I’m not going to be with someone who doubts me.”

We. Can’t. Wait.



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No filter no nothing. Beautiful makeup by @paulinedemirjian ???? dress by: @portiaandscarlett heels: @louboutinworld

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While we kind of knew Michael and Stacey don’t make it, we didn’t know that the 26-year-old’s potential relationship with F45 gym owner, Scott Charman, wasn’t… a thing.

Pictures emerged of the pair looking very snug back in February, however, the mum-of-two told the Daily Mail, “We were friends, we never dated and I’m single”.



3. Harry and Meghan have responded to Donald Trump demanding “they must pay” for their security in the USA. Graciously, of course.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex moved from their $22.7 million Canadian residence to the U.S. following the announcement that both Canada and the U.S. would be closing their borders.

And since it was uncovered that Harry and Meghan have relocated to Los Angeles, Donald Trump has taken it upon himself to assure Americans that they will not be footing the security bill.

Trump sent out a tweet saying: “They must pay!”


And now, Harry and Meghan have graciously replied – well, via a rep, of course.

A rep for the pair replied: “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have no plans to ask the US Government for security resources. Privately funded security arrangements have been made.”

And that’s that.

4. “I thought it was too much.” Survivor’s David nearly quit All Stars on day one.

It’s come to our attention that despite Survivor star David Genat’s stellar season (filled with blindsides and immunity challenge wins), David was on the verging of calling it quits from the competition on day one.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Genat revealed an accidental injury caused by Mat Rogers led to him competing in a challenge while ‘bleeding into his shoes’.

“Day one I ended up with 10 stitches on my leg, after [former NRL star] Mat Rogers threw an errant piece of wood that caught me on the shin,” he says.

“There was literally stitches on the beach and I’m back in the game.

“I actually considered pulling out right then and there, I thought it was too much … I just thought maybe I should call it quits.”


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mid week immunity flex @survivorau #goldengod

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They aren’t the only injuries the 39-year-old has received during Australian Survivor: All Stars.

“I dislocated my kneecap, and in turn because of the kneecap, I ruptured the LCL on my right leg. I don’t know if it’s being in the fight or flight situation for so long … but you honestly stop feeling pain in a way, I’m serious,” he continued to share.

Keep in mind this also includes a chest infection and five spider bites – one of which turned into an abscess on his butt.

As they say, no pain, no gain.


5. Two new cheating scandals and a pregnancy: All the MAFS reunion rumours in one place.

Warning: This post contains potential spoilers for the Married At First Sight reunion episode. Proceed with caution.

Well folks, we’ve almost made it through another wild season of Married At First Sight For the past six weeks, our lives have been consumed by fake marriages, multiple cheating scandals and lots of glorious drama.

And this week it’s finally time for the highly anticipated reunion special, where all the past contestants we completely forgot about will return to reminisce about all the good ole’ times and – most importantly – dish all the dirt.

Yep, it will be an hour and a half of pure manufactured drama. And we Can. Not. Wait.

But because we’re feeling impatient, we decided to do some serious digging and round up everything that is rumoured to go down.

And it looks like we’ll finally get some long-awaited answers about what really happened between the couples.

Here’s everything we know about the MAFS reunion special all in one place.

The three couples that arrived at the reunion together.

Although we’re still a few days away from the reunion airing, it looks like we already know which couples continued their relationships outside the social experiment.

In paparazzi photos published by the Daily Mail, only three couples were seen arriving to film the reunion together.


The three couples who arrived together at the reunion, which was filmed seven weeks after the final vow ceremonies, included Lizzie and Seb, Stacey and Michael, and Aleks and Ivan.

Of course, that’s not an indication of which couples are still currently together.

Posting to her Instagram Stories last week, Stacey made it clear that she’s no longer dating Michael.


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