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'She's bossy, clingy and short-tempered.' Everything we know about the wild cast of MAFS 2023.

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Another year, another selection of singles arriving on our TV screens to fake marry a stranger and fall in love/be involved in a cheating scandal.

How exciting.

This year, the infamous show will be kicking off on January 30 with 10 couples from around Australia, and Nine are certainly promising a good time. We've been told to expect "the biggest shock ever to rock a wedding" and a brand-new twist that will thrust the contestants "into the unknown with dramatic consequences". 

And hoy boy, do we love when MAFS has dramatic consequences.

Watch: the first look at Married At First Sight 2023. Post continues below video.

Video via Nine.

With a matter of hours to go, here are all the people who will join the most cooked experience on television in 2023.

Alyssa, 35.

Instagram: @alyssa_barmonde and @alyssabakescakes

TikTok: @alyssabakescakes


Image: Nine.

Alyssa is an executive assistant (and cake influencer) who was raised Mormon in Utah.

She has been single for 12 months following the end of her seven-year marriage. According to Nine, she has a two-year-old son who she prioritises over everything, including finding love. She finds dating as a single mum difficult, especially on those damn apps.


She's nervous about walking down the aisle for MAFS but believes her soulmate is out there waiting for her. 

Bronte, 28.

Instagram: @_bronteschofield

TikTok: @_bronteschofield

Image: Nine.

Bronte, 28, is an online beauty educator from WA who Channel Nine describe as an "outspoken, fiery and confident" "pocket rocket". Which I think is code for "will give us the drama we tune in for".

Bronte is attracted to an "alpha male" who can hold a conversation (the bar truly is on the floor).

According to Nine, she is used to receiving attention from men but has developed trust issues after being hurt and taken advantage of before. So she's, uh, put her faith in the MAFS experts to help her open her heart up again. What could go wrong?!

Caitlin, 27.

Instagram: @caitlinmcconville

TikTok: @caitlintaylormcco

Image: Nine.

Queensland makeup artist Caitlin, 27, is a "hopeless romantic" who falls hard and fast, which always goes well on a show like this.

Nine describe her as having high standards and as unwilling to settle for anything less than she deserves, so she's supposedly "chosen a solo life" in recent years. 

But "after two years of no intimacy" she's looking to the experts for an intervention.

Image: Instagram @caitlinmcconville

Claire, 31.

Instagram: @cforclaire_

Image: Nine.

Claire is an "unapologetically loud" kindergarten assistant from Victoria. 

Her parents are divorced, and she is extremely close to her grandparents, who are the result of an arranged marriage. Now she wants to be the one in the third generation to "make it" in love.

Claire is both a Holden car fanatic and an astrology chart reading, crystal loving softie. The range!

Channel Nine say she is "all in" when it comes to not just finding love, but a soulmate she can have kids and grow old with.

Janelle, 28.

Instagram: @janellemyh

TikTok: @janellemyh

Image: Nine.

Janelle is a beauty influencer from WA, with a whopping 528,00 TikTok followers. She is described as direct, driven, clingy and short-tempered.

(Imagine reading a media package for yourself to find a publicist has written the sentence "She's bossy, clingy, short-tempered and 'ridiculously picky' when it comes to men, finding any reason for confrontation." I'd cry.)

Janelle is incredibly close to her Singaporean Chinese family, whose family must love and approve of her partner. 

She also has autoimmune disease Lupus, which, according to Channel Nine "means her biological clock ticks louder than for many women nearing 30, so she feels pressure to have kids sooner that later".

@janellemyh #grwm #aliceinborderland #singlesinferno ♬ original sound - Janelle Han

Lyndall, 27.


Instagram: @10dall


TikTok: @10dall


Image: Nine.


Ok, this is pretty incredible: 27-year-old accountant Lyndall, from WA, lives with cystic fibrosis and never thought she'd make it to 30, let alone marriage and children, so she didn’t prioritise any long-term plans. But thanks to new medicine that has dramatically extended her life expectancy and given her the lung capacity of someone without CF, Lyndall has a renewed outlook on finding love.

She's also become a risk-taker who grabs every opportunity by the horns and wants her partner to match this. 

Lyndall is described as unafraid of confrontation and always seeking justice, which once again is absolutely just code for 'drama'.


Melinda, 32.

Instagram: @melindarichelle

Image: Nine.


Melinda's description begins by describing her as an "alpha female". She's a Queensland CEO working in fashion and beauty, who can command a room.

But underneath her confident exterior, Melinda is emotional and prone to self-sabotage in relationships.

She's looking for an ambitious man who is business-minded, understands her lifestyle and won't be clingy.


Melissa, 41.

Instagram: @mel_sheppard1

Image: Nine.

Melissa, a hairdresser from Sydney's Northern Beaches, is looking for a long-term relationship again after her 10-year marriage ended several years ago.


She now co-parents her son and lives with her twin sister, and is ready to meet the man of her dreams.

Channel Nine say Melissa is upbeat, cheeky and comfortable with her sexuality, and is looking for a man who can keep up with her.

Sandy, 36.

Instagram: @sandyjawanda

TikTok: @sandy.jawanda


Image: Nine.

Sandy, a dental hygienist from Victoria, has never been in a serious relationship... so what better place to start than with a fake wedding to a stranger?

According to Channel Nine, Sandy grew up in a strict household and was not allowed to mix with boys. 

Her lack of experience is a source of insecurity, so Sandy wants to fast-track dating with someone who can respect her boundaries and help her overcome her fears.


Tahnee, 27.

Instagram: @itstahnee

TikTok: @itstahnee

Image: Nine.


Tahnee is a fast-talking, passionate and bubbly PR manager from NSW.

She's a low-maintenance daughter of a Thai mum, who says Thai food is the quickest way to her heart.

Fed up with the classic dating app experience of situationship after situationship, Tahnee is hoping the MAFS experts can help her find true love.


Adam, 35.

Instagram: @adam_seed13

TikTok: @adamseed13

Image: Nine.


Adam is described as "cocky and confident", so we're off to a... good start.

He's a business owner who finally wants to settle down, after calling off a long-term relationship in his 20s because he realised it wasn't ready.

Adam's been living in London for the past six years - it's where he was born, before being adopted by Australian parents and raised in Queensland - but has flown across the world to find love.


Cameron, 27.

Instagram: @yepcams_on

Image: Nine.


Cameron grew up on a farm in Queensland before moving to Darwin to work as a carpenter in Indigenous communities in the remote Northern Territory.

He's described as "down-to-earth, cheeky and laid back", but he also went "out bush" to mend a broken heart after he turned up to a hospital with flowers for a woman he had feelings for only to find her there with another man. 

Cam's never had a girlfriend, yet he has full faith that the experts will find him someone compatible (oh, sweet summer child).


Dan, 42.

Instagram: @danhunj

Image: Nine.


Dan is a semi-retired digital marketing business owner from the Goldie, whose profile includes the fact that he lives a "comfortable lifestyle" and that he drives a Porsche 911. Cool, cool, cool.

He's been married twice before and is father of a 16-year-old girl. 

He's looking for someone who can slot into his active outdoor lifestyle, and who is as motivated and ambitious as he is (and likes Porsches, probably).


Duncan, 36.

Instagram: @duncan__james

Image: Nine.

Duncan is a Sydneysider working in cyber security sales, who "has no trouble meeting women" but is looking for Mrs Right... aka a woman he's physically attracted to, who has class, emotional intelligence and confidence. Lol.


According to Channel Nine, growing up in a close family unit with two older sisters means Duncan understands and appreciates women on a deeper level.

We'll see about that.

Harrison, 32.

Instagram: @harrison_boon_

Image: Nine.


Harrison is a builder from NSW who doesn't take himself too seriously, but after two years of single fun, he's supposedly now serious about finding love.

He's a single dad of a three-year-old, and is open to having more children with the right partner. 

He wants a woman who shares his "zest for life" and sense of humour, but also admits to having a "ridiculously high" bar, so here's hoping the experts nail it (they won't).


Jesse, 30.

Instagram: @jesse_burford

Image: Nine.


Jesse is a heavy metal band member turned marriage celebrant from Perth, who officiates weddings in the style of a rock star. There really is a niche for everything.

After officiating more than 500 weddings, he's looking for the love and commitment he sees regularly from other couples on the job.

But Jesse is also extremely fussy, with an extensive list of turnoffs including wine snobs, gym junkies and cosmetic enhancements. So... he'll go really well on this show. Famously, no one on reality TV has ever had cosmetic work done.


Josh, 40.

Instagram: @whitej81

Image: Nine.


Josh describes himself as the "station wagon" of relationships, which allegedly means he's stable, dependable and solid as a partner.

He's a single father-of-two who has struggled with navigating the world of dating apps following the end of his marriage, so he's put his faith in MAFS to help him establish a solid emotional connection with a partner.

Have any of these people ever watched the show before?

Anyway, Josh is looking forward to all the small things about being in a relationship, like sharing his day with his partner and having a laugh. Bless.


Layton, 35.

Instagram: @laymills

Image: Nine.


Layton has been an entrepreneur since he was 19, and his current project is in medicinal cannabis for pets (?!?!).

He's a bit of a workaholic, which gets in the way of love, but has realised that something has to change.

Now, he is looking for a woman who shares his work ethic, his sense of determination and drive.


Ollie, 26.

Instagram: @skeltonollie

Image: Nine.


Ollie is a confident, charismatic and supposedly "mature beyond his years" voice-over artist.

He has sworn off dating apps, instead opting for the more reliable option of... Married At First Sight to find love.

He was raised by his mum and two sisters, so is looking for a strong, independent woman who can also, get this, accept his sometimes lazy and stubborn nature. 

Channel Nine really knows how to sell a person!


Shannon, 30.

Instagram: @shan_adams_44

Image: Nine.

Shannon is a personal trainer. I was waiting for one of those to pop up! We got him!

Shannon has a three-year-old daughter and was in an on-again-off-again relationship with his ex for many years, but he's ready to move on with someone he can build a future with.


Nine say he's spent the past year on self-reflection and reflection and now believes he's the best version of himself.

Married at First Sight prermieres at 7:30pm on Monday, January 30, on Channel Nine and 9Now. 

Feature image: Nine.

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