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"Let them leave": The best reactions to Jules and Cam, the only couple far too pure be on MAFS.

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We can’t quite remember a time when this season of Married at First Sight wasn’t on television.

It just keeps going and going.

But it seems we’re not the only ones.

After weeks of endless drama, fights and cheating scandals on the reality show, both Jules and Cam broke down in tears following last night’s dramatic commitment ceremony.

But there’s nothing wrong with Jules and Cam’s relationship.

Nope, they were literally crying over other people’s drama.

Jules and Cam broke...

Ugh, they're just far too pure for this show.

"All the drama going on, it's just draining," Jules said after bursting into tears.

"This becomes your world and your focus and you start thinking about it and get emotionally invested it it."

"It's emotionally exhausting," Cam added.

"You do get so caught up in it. But that's just what this is."


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We feel you, guys, we really do feel you.

Here's how Australia reacted to Jules and Cam's reaction on Married At First Sight.







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