MAFS bride Scarlett Cooper claims she was assaulted by a producer.

Scarlett Cooper, who married ‘Australia’s pickiest man’ on the current season of Married At First Sight, claims that she was chased through the streets in the early hours of the morning, after being assaulted by a Channel Nine producer.

She also alleges she was being held against her will on set.

The 30-year-old bride has said she was chased through Sydney’s inner west by a film crew at 3am on January 30 after a reunion show was filmed.

According to the Daily Mail, Cooper filed a police report at Glebe station, in Sydney’s inner-west, the day of the alleged car chase.

New South Wales police confirmed to the Daily Mail that a report matching reality TV contestant’s claim was filed by a 30-year-old woman on January 30.

The police spokeswoman said the woman did not require medical treatment.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Cooper claimed that the 20-minute long chase ended abruptly when she crashed into a police car which was dispatched after she phoned the police for help.

She stated that the chase took place in the Sydney suburb of Lilyfield.

Cooper also alleges that she was dragged inside a function centre, where she was held against her will while they filmed the reunion special.

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According to The Daily Telegraph, the police report revealed that the reality TV star’s name and occupation as an aspiring author was fabricated for the show, and that she broke a producer’s mobile phone during the reunion special after she discovered she was being secretly filmed.

The police report was later retracted and no charges are being laid.

A Channel Nine spokesperson told Mamamia:

“An incident which upset Scarlett on set caused her to leave filming, as a duty of care a producer followed her offset to ensure her safety. A misunderstanding resulted in police attending the scene to also ensure Scarlett’s safety, together production and the police ensured she was escorted home safely. We are grateful for the speedy and helpful support provided to Scarlett by the attending officers.”

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As Mamamia previously reported, Scarlett was “hurt” and “shocked” when her new husband Michael told her he moonlights as a male stripper on a recent episode of Married at First Sight.