CULT BUY: If you swear by Lush 'Sleepy' cream to get to bed, their new product will change your life.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re bloody tired.

Maybe it’s from bobbing up and down all night with a crying child in your arms, or from burning the midnight oil at work.

Or maybe it’s just from lying awake for hours, stressing about how you should be asleep.

No matter the reason for your droopy, blood shot eyes, there’s a new fix that could bring your household some well-deserved peace.

From the makers of the cult moisturiser, ‘Sleepy’, Lush has released a humble spray that might just change your life.

It’s called ‘Twilight’ and it claims to produce ‘the most enchanting dreams’.

The spray contains the magical ingredient trio of lavender, ylang ylang and tonka responsible for sending thousands to the land of nod around the world.

For optimum results, spray the $29.95 wonderdust over your face before bed, or onto your pyjamas and sheets.

Then, just lie back and zzzzzzz.

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