How the Survivor villain who dons himself in the clothes of his victims had everyone fooled.

If there’s one thing that’s certain about Survivor Australia, it’s that things never turn out the way you expect.

The same could be said of final seven contestant, Luke Toki who in the opening weeks of the Channel Ten reality show was portrayed as the loveable prankster – not a serious threat to take out the $500,000 prize as the sole survivor.

But guys, the joke’s on us.

Because the father-of-two from Perth has been low-key trolling us by wearing the clothes of the rivals he orchestrated to vote out. Suddenly, everything makes sense.


First came Aaron ‘AK’ Knight’s stretched, faded pink muscle tank, which the 30-year-old claimed after blindsiding the wedding DJ from South Australia.

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Then, just hours after sending labourer, Henry Nicholson packing with an immunity idol in one of the show’s biggest moves to date, Toki donned a very familiar looking blue Hawaiian shirt.



While the idea of wearing the clothes of a person who hadn’t showered for weeks is, quite frankly, repulsive, Toki’s move to build a capsule wardrobe on the Samoan island is actually very smart, considering contestants only have one outfit each to last them for the season.

As long as we don’t see him in last night’s eliminated contestant, Sarah’s bikini, we’re sweet.

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