If you grew up in the 90s, you were either a Dylan or a Brandon.


If you grew up in the 90s, the name Luke Perry will mean something special to you.

He was probably your first crush.

He definitely started your obsession with bad boys.

Perry’s Beverly Hills 90210 character, Dylan McKay, was the ultimate sensitive bad boy. He wore a leather jacket and rode a motorcycle. He pretty much raised himself and he seemed so much older than his 17 years.

You knew he’d have your back in a fight, but you also knew he would softly care for a litter of abandoned puppies if the need arose.

luke perry 90210
The original teen heartthrob. Image: Beverly Hills 90210.

At the start of the series, Dylan was a mysterious loner. The son of a business tycoon and a hippy, Dylan lived on the fringes of West Beverly High School, too afraid to let anyone in.

But then he befriended Brandon Kelly and the rest of the 90210 gang and slowly started to let down his defences.

However, Dylan always remained largely an enigma. A mysterious man in a leather jacket who you would never be able to tame, no matter how much you tried. And that was his appeal.

For many women in their 30s and 40s, Dylan McKay represented more than a TV character.

luke perry 90210
Brenda was Dylan's first love. Image: Beverly Hills 90210.

He was a symbol of the high school experience. Of going through puberty, getting your first crush, and falling in love for the first time.

Of experiencing your first heartbreak.

Of trying to save the bad boy. Of wanting a life that was so much more exciting and much riskier than the safe life you were living in your small country town or leafy suburb.

Or perhaps you were more drawn to Brandon Walsh, played by Jason Priestly.

luke perry 90210
Brandon wanted to be everyone's best friend. Image: Beverly Hills 90210.

Brandon wore his shirts buttoned up. His hair was always gelled to perfection. He was the kind of clean cut boy you could take home to your parents.

Brandon was your safer option. You knew a guy like Brandon would study with you after school. He would babysit your younger siblings. He would volunteer at the local charity. He was involved in every single school activity.

Brandon always wanted to do the right thing and he was so dependable, everyone considered him to be their best friend.

He was also a notorious Lothario, who was drawn to women who would wreck havoc on his comfortable, suburban life.

Perhaps, like Kelly Taylor (played by Jennie Garth) , you were attracted to both Dylan and Brandon.

luke perry 90210
Brandon and Kelly were on again/off again for years. Image: Beverly Hills 90210.

You wanted so desperately to save Dylan, to change the mysteriously loner, to be the one person he could rely on. But you also kind of wanted Brandon to save you.

Maybe your love for Dylan and Brandon came in waves throughout your teenage years, as grew up and learnt more about yourself.

Perhaps you still think Dylan was the ultimate bad boy. Maybe you married a Brandon.

Whether you were a Dylan or a Brandon, you'll always remember the boys of West Beverly Hills High School and the way they made your teenage self feel.