How Twitter felt about Jaxon from Love Island accidentally calling himself a "misogynist".

This be awkward.

One of the beautiful people in the Love Island sex villa just called himself a misogynist and thought it was a good thing.

You see, Jaxon, a sexy, biker stripper dude, just entered the villa.

While chatting to the ladies he decided to let them know that he’s a good bloke.

“I’m actually a misogynist,” he said… with a completely straight face.

While most of the girls nodded along and were impressed with his extensive vocabulary, one of them rightly pointed out that he probably had the wrong word.

“Oh yeah, aye,” he replied. Or something like that.

At no point did they get to the bottom of what Jaxon was trying to say, but we can guess that he probably meant that he’s a good bloke that’s good at the “bants”.

Anywho, here are the funniest tweets about the moment Australia collectively realised that we’re all a bit too smart for this show: