A Love Island contestant's evil plan just spectacularly backfired.

Things just got a little bit awkward in Sophie Monk’s sex villa.

You see, on Monday night’s episode of Love Island Cassidy chose to recouple with Grant.

Yes this is the same Grant who unceremoniously dumped her earlier in the season, during a very Dean and Davina-esque villa-based betrayal.

Anywho, Cassidy thought Grant was doin’ a sabotage of her, erm, non-existent relationship with Dom, so she decided the best way to get back at him would be to spend a lot of time with him ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

For a little while her evil plan worked. 

Grant and Tayla had to sleep outside on an uncomfortable day-bed. And Grant and Cassidy had to do some weird sexual version of yoga together.

Then on Wednesday night’s episode, during a slightly problematic cross-dressing competition called ‘Mr Love Island’, Grant issued a public apology to Cassidy.

He said he wanted to create “world peace” in the villa and someone needs to buy this beautiful boy an atlas.

love island australia 2018 cassidy grant

Tayla be fumin'.

Cassidy rubbed her hands together in glee, while stroking an evil-looking cat on her lap, and planned her next step in her bid for world villa domination.

Then Sophie Monk decided it was time for another recoupling.

The islanders were called to the fire pit and one-by-one they were shuffled around like a very tan, very simple game of chess.

Shelby chose Jaxon.


Amelia chose Josh

Dom chose Millie. 

Eden chose Erin.

Grant chose Tayla.

Teddy chose Francoise.

And... nobody chose Cassidy (oh... and Mac).

love island australia 2018 cassidy grant
"I must get back to my lair."

One of them will be dumped from the villa tomorrow night... and the Australian public gets to choose who.



At let's be honest, it probably won't be Cassidy because drama. We are NOBODY if we don't crave the drama.

Until tomorrow night...