The Love Actually plot hole we've only just noticed in THAT Joni Mitchell CD scene.

Watching Love Actually each December is up there with the most sacred of Christmas traditions.

In fact – we’re pretty sure it harks back to Bethlehem, when the wise men popped their frankincense down for an hour or so before Jesus was born to watch it.

(We weren’t there, but we’re pretty sure that’s exactly how it went down – if you believe it happened at all, of course).

These days, it puts us in the festive spirit almost as much as Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’ blasting through the office on repeat.

…But there’s one scene that, despite the fact we’ve watched it many times over, never fails to grind our gears.

It makes us mad.

Mad at one man in particular:


The late Alan Rickman’s character Harry, who strikes up an emotional affair with his flirty colleague Mia while married to Emma Thompson’s character Karen, is not our friend.

But it’s the heartbreaking scene in which Karen discovers the affair which makes us despise him most.

It sees Harry gift his wife a Joni Mitchell CD, her favourite artist, and not the gold necklace she had found in his coat pocket; a gift he had instead bought for Mia.

Yes – she got a CD, and Mia got a shiny and very expensive necklace.


If you didn’t shed a tear during this scene, you’re a monster:


Shame on you, Harry.

Well. There’s a tweet circulating the internet this week that has Love Actually and Jodi Mitchell fans at war, surrounding a potential plot hole in this very scene.

A war no one, not even the Octopus that correctly predicted the Soccer World Cup results in previous years, could have seen coming.

Ahh, the internet. It never ceases to amaze us.

It all started with this tweet exposing said plot hole:


The tweet has gone viral, because how have we not thought of this before.

We feel disappointed with ourselves.

But while our minds were certifiably blown, some Twitter users and die-hard Joni fans have suggested that Karen might not have had that specific album, because it is a collection of orchestral versions of some of Joni’s greatest hits, released in 2000, three years before the film came out.

And now the Joni Mitchell fans (who mostly seem to hate the film) are arguing with the people who have faith in the plot hole (some of which also hate the film).

It’s all… very confusing, and we don’t actually understand what either side is really fighting for ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.








One even consulted their mother, which seems pretty concrete to us:

Look, whether Karen wanted the CD or not, it doesn’t change the fact that Harry sucks and we will never be over it.

Also, Bridget Jones is a waayyyy better Christmas film.

Just sayin’.