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Is this the best way to let your neighbours know they're having really loud sex? Yes. Yes it is.





It’s 2am. You’re in a deep slumber – dreaming about Ryan Gosling making you an ice cream sundae with a side of bacon. Heaven.

When all of a sudden, you’re woken to the unsettling grunting of what is definitely sex between two sweaty strangers.

It’s coming from the upstairs apartment, and it happens EVERY FREAKING WEEKEND.

Do you…

a) Go back to sleep, and try to incorporate the grunting into your Ryan Gosling bacon dream

b) Stay awake, and spend the whole seething at how rude they’re being?

or C) Write them the most epic complaint letter of all time and defiantly stick it to their door?

This legend in Sydney’s Bondi went with option C.

Check it out:




Never has the following expression been more apt:










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