From then to now: The Logies style evolution of Lisa, Carrie and Delta.

Guys, it’s that time of the year. Tomorrow night all your favourite Aussie celebs will get frocked up for the Logies.

Dress designers, hair shuzzers, beauty wizards and spray tanners have been working around the clock to help Australia’s most well-known TV personalities pull together their 2017 Logies look.

But as ~le fashun stakes~ go higher and higher every year, we thought ‘HEY! What did some of our favourite Aussie women wear to this big shebang in the past?’

That’s why we’ve decided to look back at some of our favourite celebs’ frocks from the past 14 years, and see the evolution towards the 2017 red carpet.

Because why the hell not?

Carrie Bickmore

Ok, real talk guys.

The difference in Carrie Bickmore’s style from 2010 to now is crazy. At seven Logies, she’s worn basically every style of dress imaginable.

Want to see what I mean? Scroll through this gallery, and look at the black gown she went for in 2010 compared to the one in 2016.

She looks like a wonderful fairy goddess in every single one.


Delta Goodrem

Aaaaaaaah, Delta.

A true Aussie treasure.

Also, can we please talk about what she wore to last year’s Logies? She is quite literally a Princess.


Lisa Wilkinson

When in the world is Lisa going to get a Gold Logie?

This is a tragedy and we should all boycott tomorrow’s ceremony. (Kidding, but also not kidding – on Monday we are staging mass protests.)

Anyway. Here is definitive proof that Lisa can wear any colour and look like a dream.


Fingers crossed these women clean up the awards tomorrow.

They all get a million trophies from us.

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