How tonight's Logie Awards are decided and how you can vote for your favourite celebrity.


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If you’re like me, you spend very little time or energy thinking about the Logie Awards.

For 364-and-a-half days of the year, you couldn’t give less f**ks about Australian television’s ‘night of nights’.

But then you start hearing whispers of a red carpet, and pretty dresses, and all the glittery celebrities, and potentially drunk breakfast show hosts, and you can’t resist. To heck with being above the Logies, you’ll be watching every slightly cringe-worthy moment with glee. Sure, it’s like the Emmys’ intellectually challenged bogan brother, but this is an Aussie tradition.

So now that we’re officially in that half-day time frame when you actually care about the Logies, a couple of questions might’ve crossed your mind, ‘How are these awards decided again?’ and ‘Oh right, yeah, it’s public voting. How do I do that?’.

So glad you asked.

The top awards – you know, the Gold Logie but also most popular actor/actress, most popular presenter, yadda yadda yadda – are all up to me/you/US to decide. To have your say, you simply need to head over to the official website and cast a vote on the 10 major categories.

We’re under a bit of a time crunch, but the polls are still open, people. (Until 7.28pm tonight, anyway.)

I’ll be impressed if you recognise every person on that list, because it’s seriously the first time I have ever seen some of those people in my life.

Ah, the Logies. May it always be equal parts awkward and amazing.

Oh, and may Amanda Keller win.

Vote for your favourite personalities right here.