Why Tracy Grimshaw boycotted the Logies red carpet for 10 years.

As one of the select Gold Logie nominees, Tracy Grimshaw’s entrance on Sunday night’s red carpet will be one of the most watched.

But for the past 10 years, she’s been notably absent from the award ceremony’s red carpet. And now she’s explained why.

The A Current Affair host told KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O on Thursday that she decided to boycott the red carpet after a particular incident when she last walked it in 2009.

“For 10 years I have snuck into the Palladium Room at the Crown in Melbourne through the kitchen so I can avoid the red carpet,” she began.

“There is a reason I boycotted the Logies red carpet 10 years ago.”

Grimshaw said she loved the outfit she chose to wear that night.

Tracy said she worked with a stylist to find a dress that worked. Image: Getty.

"The last time I did the red carpet, this lovely stylist in Melbourne …made me a dress that I loved. I can’t wear high heels and I struggle with all that stuff because I have a dodgy ankle. She finally made me a dress that I could wear comfy heels with and it was all fine.”


However, those compiling the (totally sexist and cruel) best and worst dressed lists, did not.

"The snappers on the red carpet posed me in such a way that I didn’t look so good.

"I was nominated as the worst dressed at the Logies that year and I felt really sorry for her [the stylist] because she’s made me this dress and I liked it. I felt so bad for her."

Grimshaw said at that moment she decided she didn't want to go through the judgement-attracting spectacle again.

"I’m not a fashionista, I don’t put myself out there as a fashionista, I don’t pretend to be the best dressed anywhere and I just decided if this what the red carpet is I’m not doing it anymore."

However, this year, as a nominee and actually favourite to take out the Gold Logie, Grimshaw confirmed to the hosts that she would walk the red carpet.

She's up against Rodger Corser, Andrew Winter, Jessica Marais, Amanda Keller and Grant Denyer (who has the backing of comedian Tom Gleeson.)

Video via Hard Chat

You can catch the Logies on Channel Nine on Sunday, July 1 from 7pm.