Tom Gleeson vowed to make Grant Denyer's Logies entrance completely absurd, and he succeeded.


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Every now and then something happens that defines a moment in time.

Something… ridiculous.

For Australia in 2018, it’s Tom Gleeson transporting Grant Denyer down the Logies red carpet in a giant gold Logie.

You see, Denyer was nominated for the Gold Logie Award for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television for his role as host of Family Feud.

Then Family Feud was axed.

Gleeson, who loves a good gag, thought this was hilarious.


He invited Denyer onto his ‘Hard Chat’ segment on The Weekly. He then decided to launch a campaign to “get the little fella the gold”.

Wearing a t-shirt that said ‘Vote Denyer 4 Gold’, the 44-year-old appeared on Thursday night’s edition of The Project.

“I used to be angry at the Logies, because Denyer was voted for Gold for the popular personality on TV for a game show that has been axed, due to low ratings on the third highest rating network and I thought this is idiotic,” he said.

“Then I thought why get angry, when you can get behind the poor little b*stard, so I thought let’s get him the Gold Logie because it’s perfect.

“Let’s push the Logies to its most absurd extreme ever and give the Gold Logie to a guy that doesn’t have a TV show. It’s beautiful.”

And it seems Gleeson is living up to his promise.

While the rest of the Gold Logie nominees walked down the red carpet on Sunday afternoon, Gleeson pushed Denyer in a giant Gold Logie.


Making dreams come true! #tvweeklogies

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Armed with a megaphone, Gleeson steered the giant gold bowl thing-y down the red carpet, while shouting “Denyer for gold”.

It’s possibly going to be the highlight of the entire night, nay, the year.

We’ll find out later tonight whether Gleeson’s, erm, creative campaigning has paid off for Denyer.