From baking to jewellery-making: 15 women share their best hobby suggestions for lockdown 2.0.

As Victoria enters lockdown 2.0, it's easy to feel hopeless at the idea of staying inside a lot more than usual.

But, being confined to your home - and the 5km radius around it - may be your best chance to do some of the the many things you've really been meaning to do. Yes, that includes your backyard reno

Or... maybe it means binge-watching all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls, and that's okay too.

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In any case, the people of Victoria have got it tough right now. The only silver lining to it all is that we've already had a lockdown test run to find the best things that kept us distracted.

From dance classes to reading, here are the things 15 Aussie women have done, and are still doing to keep busy in their newfound time at home.


I bought some beads and wire and taught myself how to make jewellery. Then I turned it into a little side-hustle where I sell bracelets, anklets and chokers with gold, precious stones and pearls. 


It's been so much fun having a creative outlet and I find the process of making them so therapeutic.


I discovered Physie by accident and I love it. Online zoom classes are very cheap and are suitable for all ages. 

It's a great chance to catch up on some social interaction, plus, I find learning the steps challenging for my mind. 

I do it with my six-year-old, and there are women up to 75 years old who compete!



We bought a fire pit and the kids and I collected sticks on our walk each morning, then we ended each day with a little fire.

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I also learned sour dough baking, and ‘taught’ myself how to groom the dog (with mixed reviews).

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And we did an online drawing course!

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I bought a cross stitch kit and paint by numbers online.

Also I have started writing things down - just whatever comes to mind. 

I was listening to a podcast today and the woman being interviewed said she was writing three pages in her journal every day during lockdown. It didn’t have to be good, just words. It helps to clear the mind and sets a goal to accomplish for the day.


I read. And I chat about books online (with wine!).

Sally Hepworth, Rachael Johns and I have a facebook group called The Secret Life of Authors where we do Read Alongs. 

It's kind of like a book club but we get online and chat about the book at regular intervals while we're reading. In other words we don't wait until the end of the book to talk about it. 

People seem to enjoy this! Seriously, it has been a good way to keep connected and to read books that I might not have chosen myself. 

I also used YouTube to teach myself to crochet. That hasn't gone quite so well, but I am seriously hopeless at anything craft related.



I re-learnt how to do the spilts using a spilts training app. 

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It worked - but I got bored after a month.


I got a clay kit and my daughter and I have been making things like plant pots! It's such a nice feeling playing with the clay.  

I’m also trying to propagate my Devil's Ivy and succulents so I can pot them in the pots we make and give them to friends!



I've been spending lots of time with my dogs! It's hard to think about the state of the world when I'm focusing on keeping them busy by teaching them tricks.

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I did a 3000-piece jigsaw puzzle that took much longer than it needed to.



I love drawing and got back into it during isolation. As well as painting lots of vases around my house.

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I'd recommend doing an online course - edX have lots to choose from and there are plenty of free ones. I recently did one via Harvard University on Bioethics and the fertility industry.


I'm watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills from season one.



I've been creating cards so I’ll have a few years' supply for birth, deaths, marriages and birthdays when they come around.

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I've also created a veggie garden, worked on a free digital marketing course for businesses at La Trobe university and done lots of Sudoku! 


I've been doing paint by numbers. 


I also bought a piano keyboard and have been teaching myself!


I have been growing sprouts for the last month or so. It’s a cheap, easy and very healthy hobby!

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Have you picked up any isolation hobbies? Let us know in the comments below!

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