Refill fountains and a 'Green Store': 5 ways L'Occitane is rethinking the beauty game.

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You don't have to be a beauty nerd to know about L'Occitane. It's one of those cult brands everyone knows and loves. The stuff is beautiful. Luxe. Ask-for-Christmas kinda stuff. 

*Gestures to Almond Shower Oil*

But while L'Occitane is known for its luxurious products, what you might not know is just how hard the brand plays in the sustainability space. (Hint: REALLY hard).

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From refill fountains and 'Green Stores' popping up across the country, to 'forever bottles' and eco-friendly packaging, the brand has been making some serious waves when it comes to rethinking beauty.

Their goal? To have 100 per cent of their bottles made from 100 per cent recycled plastic by 2025 (which is only three years away, you guys!). 

Below we look at how L'Occitane is changing the sustainability game.

What sets L'Occitane apart from other sustainable beauty brands?

L'Occitane isn't exactly a new contender in the sustainability game. Nah – they've been doing this for yonks.

ICYMI, the brand has actually been around since 1976 and has a longstanding dedication to its sustainability mission, cementing their position as leaders in the industry for reducing waste and supporting the environment.

As part of their 2025 commitment, L'Occitane has rolled out five main initiatives:

1. Eco-refill products.

L'Occitane currently offers 26 products that can be re-filled, helping to reduce the amount of packaging and waste (not to mention the cost!) when you repurchase some of your faves.


This includes some of the brand's most iconic products - such as the Almond Shower Oil (the MVP), Reset Oil-in-Serum, and Shea Ultra-Rich Body Cream


These refills use 85 per cent less plastic than a regular bottle, meaning the original packaging can be re-used, saving roughly 200 tonnes of plastic each year. 

We love to see it.

2. Refill fountains.

Have you heard of these refill fountains? No? Ooft! They're game-changing. Let us fill you in.

Last year, L'Occitane launched an innovative zero-waste refill fountain initiative, where you can basically top up your favourite products in selected boutiques across Australia, the USA, Europe and Asia. 

Meaning? You can refill your products without creating waste. And save money. 

A win-win.

How good is that? It's basically like refilling your coke at the movies!


These re-fill fountains can be found in L'Occitane's Green Stores – which tout an environmentally conscious design, construction and operation. 

Just look how schmick they are:


Wondering where to find these magical Green Stores? 

Well, the good news is that they're popping up all over the country. You can find a Green Store at Westfield Bondi in NSW, Westfield Chermside in QLD, Westfield Booragoon in WA, Hobart in TAS, and Chadstone in VIC. 

Happy re-filling!

3. Forever bottles.

Not only do these pretty aluminium bottles look very chic in your bathroom, but they're also made to last.

Perfect for liquid soaps, lotions and body products, you can bring your aluminium bottle into one of the Green Stores with a refill foundation, or just top up with one of the product refills.

Pretty AND smart!

4. TerraCycle.

Running with their commitment to reducing waste and recycling, L'Occitane was the first beauty brand to partner with TerraCycle in Australia in 2016, allowing them to collect empty product bottles for recycling.


Since the launch of the partnership, there has been a whopping 17 tonnes of waste collected instead of ending up in Australian landfill. 

👏 👏 👏

Wanna get involved? 

You can bring your empty bottles into your closest L'Occitane store to recycle them in their TerraCycle bins and walk out all smug and happy with yourself, knowing your beauty waste is being processed and reused properly. 

Go, you good thing!

5. Renewable power.

To add to their commitment towards reducing waste and recycling, L'Occitane also has the goal of becoming carbon net zero by 2030 – meaning 100 per cent of their electricity from renewable energy sources. 

They currently power their 55 boutiques, warehouse and head office with renewable energy in Australia, which is rather impressive, really.

What a show off.

Have you used L'Occitane skincare products before? What are your thoughts on the brand? Share what you think in the comment section below.

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