“I saw a difference the day after I began using it.” 12 women trial L'Occitane's new Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum.

Thanks to our brand partner, L'Occitane

If you're anything like me, then 2021 has left you feeling a bit... disheveled.         

Lockdowns, cancelled holidays and unpredictable plans have made it a bit of a nightmare. (An understatement.)

In these crappy times I find myself – as I'm sure many of you do – turning to skincare in our attempts of providing some luxury in what feels like a groundhog day of sorts. 

There are so many serums and face oils to pick from, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

Luckily, the L'Occitane Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum is here with a new and powerful formulation, as the all-in-one product to give your skin a little bit of lovin'. 

It is suitable for all ages and skin types, revitalises the skin and smooths fine lines to give you that youthful glow we're craving right now. 

Did I mention the fact that it's both an oil AND a serum? We love a hybrid product that helps simplify our routines. It has soothing, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties, so this little bottle of magic really can do it all it seems. 

It's also the must-have serum for glowing, smoother skin that makes you look rested. A perk many of us wouldn't say no to after the year (or two) that was.

To see what all the hype is about, we wanted this serum put to the test. We asked our Mamamia You Beauty Panel to roadtest L'Occitane's new Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum and report back to us on their honest findings. 

Here's what they found.


Michelle, 29: “It literally changed my skin."

"It literally changed my skin." Image: Supplied. 

“The bottle/ packaging is spot on for me, love a nice looking serum. I'm in love with the product, it literally changed my skin.

"A few dark sports/acne scars popped up just before lockdown, they're slowly going away because of the serum... this product is liquid gold, definitely recommending it to everyone.”

Amelia, 30: “Felt special from the get go.”

“Absolutely love this product. Will definitely be part of my permanent regimen. 


"Felt special from the get-go. Packaging was lovely. Pretty colours. 

"I’ve been feeling a bit 'old and haggard' in recent times and this serum has really helped my skin look refreshed and hydrated. Literally noticed an improvement after one night. 

"Love the smell, and a little bit of the product goes a long way.”

Lana, 54: “My skin was soft and dewy.”

"Pleasantly surprised by the difference this made to my skin." Image: Supplied.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the difference this made to my skin. The next morning my skin was soft and dewy. It absorbed easily and layered well.”


Elizabeth, 28: “I woke up with very smooth skin.”

“Really good, the serum smelt lovely, it was nice to put on and in the morning I woke up with very smooth skin.”

Kobi, 29: "My skin feels so refreshed, hydrated and smooth."

"It's not often that I find a serum that is so effective without my skin breaking out for the first few weeks. 

"This L'Occitane serum is incredible! My skin feels so refreshed, hydrated and smooth as soon as I apply it at night and it looks and feels even better by the morning. 

"This very quickly made Holy Grail status in my routine."

Bianca, 40: “It layered really well with other products."

"It layered really well with other products." Image: Supplied.


"Great serum! It absorbed well into my skin and layered really well with other night time products."

Renee, 36: “It felt as though my skin looked plumper.”

“Felt a difference from the first time I used it. I have sensitive skin and did not have any reaction to it at all. It felt as though my skin looked plumper and I love the fact the brand is cruelty free also!”

Josephine, 32: “I saw a difference in my skin the day after I began using it.”

"Beautiful hybrid between an oil and a serum." Image: Supplied.


“This product is seriously luxe! It's a beautiful hybrid between an oil and a serum that is unlike anything I've ever used before. Gorgeous packaging and aesthetic - but what is really phenomenal about this product is the results! I saw a difference in my skin the day after I began using it.

"After cleansing at night, I popped one pump of this on and then followed with my regular moisturiser and woke up looking plump, refreshed and hydrated.

"Over the next few weeks, I began to see a noticeable improvement in under-eye puffiness and general brightness in my skin.”

Cathy, 53: “This is officially the best face oil I’ve tried.”

“I’m a big fan of L’Occitane Almond Oil so couldn’t wait to try this. I was so impressed!

"The bottle is gorgeous and looks great on display in my bathroom.

"The smell is of a citrus, crisp linen fragrance and is so invigorating. My skin looks dewy soft and plump in the morning. I also use it as a ‘pick me up’ in the late afternoon as it’s so hydrating. This is officially the best face oil I’ve tried (and believe me, I’ve tried many).

"Would thoroughly recommend, and have done so already to many of my friends.”

Lyn, 57: “Feels nice on the skin.”

"I really liked the smell." Image: Supplied.


“I really liked the smell of this product, and it absorbed really well… I would recommend this product as it feels nice on the skin and smells great.”

Maree, 53: “This product has made a very noticeable difference to my skin.”

"This serum is so luxurious." Image: Supplied.


“This serum is so luxurious. I loved adding this serum to my nighttime routine, after cleansing and toning. I went to bed every night all relaxed. My rosacea has recently played up and this product has made a very noticeable difference to my skin.”

Jo, 44: "The packaging was beautiful."

"So good!  The packaging was beautiful (and the tissue paper it was wrapped in smelt AMAZING!), a luxe experience right off the bat. The bottle is nicely designed and looks great alongside the other products on my skincare shelf.

"The product itself smells lovely; has a silky, thick but non-sticky texture and layers great with the other products in my nightly routine - no pilling!  

"Overall I'd say this product is a great serum that does what it says it will do."

Want to try it for yourself? Get your hands on your own L'Occitane Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum here.

Feature Image: Supplied.

Born in France in 1976, L'Occitane's beauty products are made utilising natural and traceable ingredients that are revered for their luxurious scents and textures. They believe in sustainable agriculture and follow agro-ecological methods. Their producers feed the land with nothing but natural ingredients. Believing that changing the world starts right here, right now. In doing so, L'Occitane have team up with partners and communities who, like them, act locally to spread change globally. To deliver against this vision, they start by creating products that deliver to their promise as well as focusing on their key commitments: Reducing Waste, Caring For Sight and Respecting Biodiversity. Actions to these commitments filter down to everything they do.