'The texture is heavenly.' 18 women try the cult shower oil that sells every 15 seconds worldwide.

Thanks to our brand partner, L’occitane

The hype surrounding L'Occitane's Almond Shower Oil has gone well beyond what I ever saw coming. 

It's a cult product everyone seemingly with skin on their body knows about, loves, uses and/or has reviewed online.

One is sold every (wait for it) 15 seconds worldwide (🤯), and that iconic golden bottle has trickled into countless podcast recommendations, Get Unready With Me routines, and roadtests from beauty creators searching their DARNDEST for dupes to no avail. 

Apparently nobody's doing it like the holy mother of shower oils.

I've always had an affinity for the brand (it has pride of place in Mamamia's beauty cupboards, and it's stayed close to my mind that L'Occitane was the first beauty brand to create inclusive packaging featuring Braille). But I've only been a consumer of content about this decadent shower oil; not of the actual product itself. 

So, for those of us who seem to have missed the town meeting where everyone decided this shower staple's getting its ✨moment✨, here's what you'd want to know about it.

The Almond Shower Oil is rich in vitamin E and omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, and the texture transforms into a silky, cleansing milk when it touches water. Its vegan formulation is said to melt into your skin immediately, and features an aroma of warm almonds and vanilla, enveloping your skin for a cosy and uplifting aromatic experience. Ooft! Convinced?

If you're one to want all the details before buying yourself (proof, pudding, etc), that's why you have us. Or, the You Beauty Panel, rather.


We asked 150 women to try the L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil for a week, and deliver back their most honest reviews.

(The results are telling: over 100 Panellists wrote the word "luxurious" in their review, and 92 per cent rated it above a 4/5. We've never clicked so fast to purchase our own bottle.)

Here's what 18 of them said.

Jess, NSW: "The most delightfully nourishing oil without being heavy or thick."

"Wow, this shower oil exceeded my expectations! I've heard about how beautiful it is on the You Beauty podcast and have tried a few other L’Occitane products, but this is the most delightfully nourishing oil without being heavy or thick. It leaves your skin feeling so incredibly moisturised and soft, and it still feels like it’s cleansing the skin.

"To anyone that can, I'd recommend it – it’s amazing and a beautiful gift."

Image: Mamamia.


Kieran, QLD: "I would definitely purchase again."

"Amazing. I would definitely purchase again, and I’m planning on buying it for my family members. It’s so nice and the smell and feel is incredible. It’s luxury in a bottle."

Emily, WA: "Elevates your shower into a sensorial experience."

"It smells delicious and it really elevates your shower into a sensorial experience. It emulsifies into such a nourishing and luxurious texture. Makes my shower feel like a treat instead of a chore."

Image: Mamamia.


Clementine, NSW: "The best shower oil on the market."

"I had always heard amazing things about this product and it really is the best shower oil on the market. It is divine. I had always wanted to try... now I have tried it I know it is worth it and nothing else compares."

Megan, WA: "It made a regular shower feel a bit more special."

"I really liked this shower oil, it made a regular shower feel a bit more special. It was lovely and creamy when applied to the skin and definitely felt more luxurious than some other shower oils I've tried. I'm not usually a fan of scented products, but I actually liked the scent of this oil."

Image: Mamamia.


Stephanie, NSW: "Very luxurious."

"Absolutely incredible! I love this product. Very luxurious and exactly what I needed. While going through a tough time, it was the perfect form of self care. I would 100 per cent recommend. I’ve always wanted to try this product and was worried it wouldn’t live up to the hype. It exceeded my expectations and I’m now in love."

Sarah, VIC: "Leaves skin soft and hydrated without any residue."

"Absolutely love this! Smells divine, leaves skin soft and hydrated without any residue – highly recommend! Also played nice with the KP on my arms!"

Maddison, NSW: "For an oil, it doesn’t leave you feeling greasy."

"I really enjoy this product. It smells lovely and it's really subtle. It has a nice texture and for an oil doesn’t leave you feeling greasy. It absorbs in to the skin nicely. I have dry skin on my arms which I feel this product has made that less noticeable. My skin feels softer and more nourished when using this product daily."

Image: Mamamia.


Claire, NSW: "Amazing for dry winter skin."

"I love this shower oil. It’s amazing for dry winter skin and it smells divine. 10/10."

Jacqui, VIC: "The texture is heavenly."

"I'm obsessed with the L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil! It feel very luxurious. The texture is heavenly, and I love the milkiness when mixed with water. Even with my sensitive eczema-prone skin, it's gentle and didn't irritate. Plus the almond scent is divine. The packaging is lovely too, it gives heritage French vibes."

Hannah, VIC: "Loved it so much I had to purchase a bigger bottle!"

"Amazing smell, beautiful lather, and felt expensive, like a little bit of luxury. Super quality and special – I loved it so much I had to purchase a bigger bottle!"

Carly-Lee, NSW: "I would recommend, gift and purchase it again."

"Amazing, I'm currently in my postpartum era, shower time is sacred! This beautiful product really helped the luxe feel of my me-time. I would recommend, gift and purchase it again."

Image: Mamamia.


Lana, NSW: "Feels expensive and lush."

"L'Occitane's Almond Shower Oil is a luxe product, the quality feels expensive and lush. I love the smell and the consistency, especially when in contact with water. Feels like it is really cleansing without drying the skin (which is so important, especially in winter!). Great shower experience!"

Lauren, VIC: "Heavenly." 

"Heavenly!!!! The silkiness is my favourite thing about the product. 5/5."

Image: Mamamia.


Jessica, NSW: "A boujee bit of self love."

"This shower oil not only looks boujee in my shower but feels super luxe as well. The product glides on silky smooth and absorbs leaving my skin feeling nourished. It's quite a strong fragrance, but if you’re a lover of scents that linger like me, this baby is for you. I'd purchase again as a special gift for that someone that is difficult to buy for, or just as a boujee bit of self love."

Bridgette, VIC: "My sensitive skin was nourished."

"Great for all skin types. It’s luxury feeling in a bottle. Almost like you’re staying in a hotel for the night. It’s a product that I’ve always wanted to try, and it didn’t disappoint. My sensitive skin was nourished with this product and the best part was the scent. I would definitely buy the L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil again and recommend!"

Image: Mamamia.


Meagan, NSW: "The smallest amount goes a very long way."

"The smallest amount of product goes a very long way. Even on the driest of wintery dry skin it softened and moisturised. My skin felt and looked softer after using."

Alicia, NSW: "Impossible to switch back to body wash."

"This shower oil is so luscious that it's impossible to switch back to body wash. The texture is thick and glides smoothly onto your skin. It almost feels more like a spa treatment than an everyday shower. I'd absolutely recommend! It cleans, it softens and smells divine. She's a winner baby!"

Shop the L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil at any one of L'Occitane's 53 boutiques or online.

Feature Image: Mamamia/TikTok/@chalicebeauty/@loccitane/@loccitane_uk_ire

As part of L’Occitane’s commitment to being Cultivators of Change, their iconic Almond Shower Oil is Vegan formulated and its ingredients are 99% readily biodegradable. It is also available in a refill as one of the many eco-refill products the brand currently sells.
L’Occitane aims to create positive change for both People and the Planet. They favour sustainably sourced Mediterranean almonds and minimise waste of the nut by using all parts of it, including the shell, across their Almond range of Body and Hair products. They aim to create a virtuous, traceable, fair-trade-labelled supply chain with their producers by 2025.