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claudjor September 14, 2021

Some look like they were given a few hours to come up with a costume. Iman- everyone obligated to socially distance. Gimp lady- lockdown charcoal face mask 

All black woman- full body charcoal mask  Rihanna and co- what I look like from the couch to the kitchen every cold evening. Horse lady- I have no words. Last- the mayor(?) , toilet paper challenge at a bride’s tea party comes to mind 

claudjor June 28, 2021

Place a flat sheet on the bed. Take all the clothes off the rods (keep on hangers). Place pile on top of sheet. Keep hangers together with a belt. Tie sheet around clothes. Place in the back of your car and when you get to the NFW place, simply hang them straight up. 

For free standing dressers , remove drawers and cling wrap them full. No need to empty (unless you need to de clutter), place them in car/truck. 
Beds go into the truck last, so they can come out first. One person just dedicates themselves to building beds . 
Find and organise dinner from a local take away that delivers. Pay in advance and give them a time to deliver so you don’t wait until you are starving to order something. Same with the grocery shopping, arrange online for it to arrive when you know you’ll be there (mid-late afternoon). Do it at least 5 days ahead so you have the pick of the delivery time slots. 

claudjor June 10, 2021

Hey Clare, did you ever have a look at the Danni Minogue range at Target? She does a lot of petite stuff. I’m 5” and find her stuff to have the right proportions (just not wide enough for my bazoonkas) 🙊🙊🙊

claudjor April 21, 2021

I'm 5 foot as well. Not petite tho. Funnily enough the Dani Minogue range at target is quite good for a decent pantsuit that is cut right for us shorties and it doesn't look cheap. She also has maxi dresses that don't need 30cms to be chopped off. 

claudjor April 19, 2021

I love Fifi’s style the most bec I can identify with it. I’m 5foot, so my go to are stacked closed in shoes or knee high boots the same colour as my pants/skirt to elongate my legs, a long sleeve thin jumper/top, sleeveless vest and a jacket if cold. I run hot all the time, so a few light layers is enough to keep me warm.