Brace yourselves: Bec and Lleyton Hewitt have had 10 years of marriage, 3 kids and no fights.

You know how, after a few wines, you get all lovey on your girlfriends and start gushing about how amazing your boyfriend is? And how he actually loves washing up the dishes? And how you guys, like, seriously never, ever, ever fight?

And your long suffering girlfriends nod, and smile, and promise themselves to remind you of this big fat porky pie next time you and your boyfriend are sleeping in separate beds because he forgot to change the batteries in the TV remote.



Enter Lleyton Hewitt, who has just done the above in the presence of the national press.

In a statement that is sure to haunt him for many years to come, Lleyton gushed to The Herald Sun that, “Bec and I haven’t had one argument ever.”


“She’s been like a rock to me,” he said.

“She really is my soulmate and we go through absolutely everything together. I couldn’t be prouder to have Bec alongside me.”

Well, that’s nice, Lleyton, but can we just get back to the ‘never argued’ part?

As the parents of three small kids and a marriage spanning ten years, we reckon there might have been an argument in there, once or twice.

You’ve never accidentally stepped on Lego and blamed Bec, Lley? Never had a tantrum over who was in charge of taking the kids to kindy? What about the old “I always change the toilet roll” quarrel?

Coming from a man who has been known to throw a racket or two in his time, we reckon you might be telling a wee porky pie, Mr Hewitt.


Having a great night with my gorgeous wife @bechewitt23 Thx @dombagnato for the awesome suit! @tennisaus #newks15

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Just for the record: Couple arguments are totally normal, and totally healthy. They are crucial to figuring out aspects of your partner’s personality, such as their taste in Netflix shows, or sentiment towards pineapple on pizza.

So for all the women who tore Lleyton’s quip out of the newspaper this morning, ready to stick it to your fridge as 2016 Relationship Inspo — don’t. We think Lleyton might just have a momentary loss of memory.