5 easy ways to upgrade your living space, according to a leading interior stylist.

If you've been hunting for some new bits to add to your living space, you're not alone.

With the return of social gatherings and dinner parties, it's no surprise that many of us want to give our most used room in the home a little upgrade. Cue splashing some major cash in the process, right?

Not necessarily.

Steve Cordony knows the ins and outs of styling a home. The leading interior stylist and style director at-large for interior design magazine Belle has extensive knowledge on everything interior design, and regularly shares his tips and tricks on his Instagram account, which boasts a casual 350,000 followers.

We asked Steve how to upgrade a living room without giving it a total overhaul. Here are the tricks of the trade he shared.

But first, here's how to make any space look bigger. Post continues after video.

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1. Switch up soft furnishings.

Steve's first piece of advice to refresh your living room is pretty simple, but can make the world of difference.

"Rearrange occasional pieces such as armchairs, side tables and stools to make the space feel new again," Steve told Mamamia.

"Styling is the easiest way to refresh any space, and in the lounge room [you can try] switching up soft furnishings including cushion and throws, and also playing with ceramics and vases for florals and greenery."


2. Add greenery.

That leads us conveniently to Steve's second piece of advice: don't forget about the magic of fresh greenery. 

Something you'll notice on the interior stylist's Instagram is that almost all the rooms in his home feature florals or plants. That's because these elements add warmth and create continuity between the inside and outside areas of your home or apartment, he explains.

"Think about adding fresh large-scale greenery or indoor plants to create a sense of flow between indoors and out," Steve said.

If you're in an apartment or on the market for a new indoor plant, we love a fiddle leaf fig or birds of paradise. 

If you have a garden, we suggest plucking off some stems and popping them in water for an instant refresh.


3. Consider scent and sound.

Making your living room feel new again doesn't just involve the furniture and home decor you can see.

"Think about intangible elements such as sound and scenting, which make a home not only look well-styled but more importantly, feel soulful," Steve, an ambassador for the Harman Kardon Citation Series home speaker range said.

So remember to turn up the music and light some candles before guests come over!

4. Layer different materials.

While many interior stylists suggest sticking to a colour palette, you don't want to overdo it with too much of one colour or material. Think about it like you would your clothes, and consider breaking up the space with different layers.

"For me, using too much of one material or colour creates a space that is one dimensional," Steve said.

"Layering different materials including marble, timber, brass or a metallic accent, along with contrasting soft materials including velvet, linen and boucle, creates a multi-dimensional interior that allows the eye to travel through the space."


5. Always remember flowers.

Lastly, much like greenery, flowers give the living room life (literally!). There are a few key florals and colours that are on-trend this summer.

"Blossom and delicate wildflowers are big this season, with rambling, looser style floral arrangements taking centre stage at home, in softer colours of blush pink, dusty yellow and peach, blended with classic white and fresh green," he said.


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