This plot hole in The Little Mermaid that kind of ruins everything.

Everything you thought you knew was LIES.

We all remember The Little Mermaid with fondness, right?

It has all the elements of a great Disney film; action, drama, romance, an evil Sea Witch and some classic songs.

However, The Huffington Post have published a fan theory that American woman, Mary Falls, posted to her Facebook page, that could ruin everything you thought you knew.

“After 26 years, today I stumbled on a plot hole in “The Little Mermaid” that will haunt me for the rest of my days. This changes everything,” Mary wrote.

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We all know the story of The Little Mermaid, right? If it’s been a couple of years decades since you’ve seen it, here’s a refresher:

Sixteen-year-old Princess Ariel, mermaid daughter of merman, King Triton, is completely dissatisfied with underwater life and dreams of living on the land. Ariel and her friend, Sebastian, the talking crab, go to ocean’s surface where she spies Prince Eric and falls instantly in love. His ship starts to burn so she saves him. Ariel sings to him but leaves as soon as he begins to wake up and he vows to find whoever it was that was singing to him.

Evil Sea Witch, Ursula strikes up a deal with Ariel; she will make her a human for three days (in exchange for her voice), and in that time she must receive ‘true loves kiss’ otherwise she will transform back into a mermaid and belong to Ursula. Ursula takes the form of a human also and uses Ariel’s voice so Eric will love her, but true love prevails and only once Ariel get’s her voice back does Eric realise that it was her all along and they live happily every after. Oh, and then she grows legs.

But one thing that could have saved her a bunch of trouble, Mary explained.

And that is if Ariel had learned to read and write. Mary writes:

“She could just scrawl out an explanation of her situation for Prince Eric like, “Hey Blue Eyes, I saved your life and then you fell in love with my voice, which I could probably get back if you just used your love to try to suck it out of my throat through my mouth here,” but like nicer and in princess language.”

Then they could go ahead and seal the deal. But then I figured, if she was the daughter of a king, she probably could read and write. She probably had the finest underwater education available, especially since she was the star of the under sea orchestral extravaganza, which had absolutely no room for scrubs.

Then it occurred to me, duh – they can’t write underwater without those special pens, and they’d have to be able to walk to The Sharper Image to get those. But I’ll be damned, she signed that contract with Ursula.

Look at the penmanship!

“So, Ariel is completely flipping literate and, in point of fact, has excellent penmanship! I had to give her the benefit of the doubt and think, well maybe she didn’t want to explain herself cause she was trying to be a cool water fish about the whole deal and take her game to the next level. Except she tried to explain herself on the beach while dressed in a sail and miming like an adorable lunatic. Crushingly, Ariel absolutely could’ve closed from moment one and happens to be a moron.”

Agreed Mary, agreed.

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