Lisa Wilkinson's son made an unexpected Today Show debut this morning.

Move over, Karl.

When the Today Show team did a live cross to Thredbo this morning for a snow report, it’s safe to say Lisa Wilkinson wasn’t expecting to see her son staring back at her.

Karl Stefanovic had Lisa’s son Louis Fitzsimons do some field reporting for the Channel Nine program today.

When Karl introduced Louis, Lisa smiled before she saw who the mystery reporter with the same name as her son actually was.

“That’s my boy!” she said, not doing a great job at hiding her confusion.

lisa wilkinson's son
Lisa was shocked to see her son, Louis. Image via Channel Nine.

Louis is working as a ski instructor at Thredbo throughout the ski season. And Lisa says he’s a very good one at that. Of course she would.

There’s no denying who his mother is – this kid can talk. Watch your back, Karl. Louis will be coming for your job soon, if this segment is anything to go by.

You can watch the video below.

Video via Channel 9

Click through the gallery below for photos of Lisa.

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