Lisa Wilkinson says she's had "years and years of practice" dealing with the "drunk" Stefanovic brothers.


We’re just going to assume there’s no love lost between Lisa Wilkinson and Karl and Peter Stefanovic.

The 58-year-old journalist didn’t hesitate to take a jab at her former Today show colleagues recently.

Appearing on Sunday night’s episode of The Project, Lisa was asked to play a game called ‘Drunk or Not Drunk’, and that’s when things got interesting.

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After being shown a clip of Peter slurring his words during an episode of Weekend Today, fellow panellist Tommy Little asked for her opinion on whether the 36-year-old was drunk or not drunk, calling her an “expert” on all things Stefanovic related.

“I can usually recognise a drunk Stefanovic. Years and years of practice,” she admitted.

But Lisa confessed even this one had her stumped.

“Umm, borderline. Not sure.”

Lisa said she would need some more “evidence”, but after being shown a second clip, she just laughed and sat there with a knowing smile on her face.

It’s not the first time the Stefanovic brothers’ drunken behaviour has raised a few eyebrows.

We won’t be forgetting Peter’s drunken phone call to Karl, 43, in the backseat of an Uber anytime soon.

The pair made headlines in March after an Uber driver allegedly recorded their 45-minute conversation, during which they criticised their Channel Nine colleagues, including Richard Wilkins, Georgie Gardner, Mark Burrows and the network bosses.

Just another day in the life of the Stefanovics.