The reason Lisa Hyde barely gets airtime is probably the same reason you like her so much.

She’s the successful sunglasses designer that first crawled onto our radar in Blake Garvey’s season of The Bachelor, who – through no fault of her own – was overshadowed just a tad by the drama of the finale of her season.

And now she’s back on Bachelor in Paradise and, in comparison to all her other contestants, finding herself getting a remarkably small amount of airtime.

But of course, the same reason Lisa Hyde isn’t getting any airtime is probably the same reason you like her so much.

She’s just goddamn bloody normal.

In a realm of overt bravado, Instagram fame and reality TV ego, Lisa quietly strides along either totally oblivious to the blistering bullsh*t around her, unfazed by the drama of the show that made her famous.

Michelle Andrews and I recap the glory that was tonight’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, below.

She’s never been necessarily outrageous, never been one to bitch and certainly not one to come across as anything other than wholly authentic. She just tells it like it is among a whole group of people who define “telling it like it is” as “yelling at others across a cocktail party”.

And while the rest of the stars of the show have incessantly posted on social media as it’s aired across the country, she just… hasn’t. She walks a fine line of almost seeming above the process without actually seeming like a snob.

It would appear TV producers know normal doesn’t make good TV, and neither do quiet achievers.

And that’s why we will probably never see that much of her on our screens, but love her anyway.