Lisa Oldfield's bizarre message for David after being eliminated from I'm a Celebrity.

In a bizarre exit interview following her elimination from I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, reality TV star Lisa Oldfield had some less-than-favourable comments to make about her husband, former One Nation politician David Oldfield.

Lisa and David entered the jungle together on day 24 of the show, with David being eliminated earlier this week.

In that time without her partner, Lisa said, she’s “blossomed”.

Speaking to hosts Julia Morris and Chris Brown, Lisa said, “He’s a twat… I will be speaking to a divorce lawyer. I feel like he is a boat anchor around my neck and after 17 years I’ve had a revelation”.

She also said she “preferred” herself without her husband.


It’s not the first time Lisa has publicly discussed leaving her husband, with their marriage issues being front and centre in The Real Housewives of Sydney.

Lisa and David have caused a great deal of controversy during their time in the jungle, with David in particular having heated arguments with other contestants. He fought with comedian Fiona O’Loughlin over Indigenous issues and former butler to Princess Diana Paul Burrell over circumcision.

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Video by Channel 10

Upon leaving I’m A Celebrity, however, Lisa said she “had so much fun”. She also described boxer Danny Green as “a hero in every sense… he has the most decent, genuine soul”.

Somehow, we think the jungle will be much quieter without the Oldfields.