Apparently you can use red lipstick to conceal dark under-eye circles.

Image via BirchBox

This is going to sound a little silly.

But apparently you can use red lipstick to hide dark circles under your eyes (or dark spots anywhere else on your face for that matter).

A new video by beauty v-logger Deepica Mutyala is making its way around the internet today. In it, Deepica (or xo Deeps, as she calls herself) talks about how she’s struggled with dark circles for most of her life.

“It’s definitely a common problem for Indian women and ethnic women, but I have several friends who are caucasian who struggle with this as well,” she says.

Even celebrities aren’t immune from dark under-eye circles:

Deeps uses a brush to dab BRIGHT red lipstick on the dark areas surrounding her eyes, before covering the area with concealer.

Take a look below.

DISCLAIMER: Deeps recommends this trick for people that have a similar skin tone to her. If you have a different skin tone, the results may differ a little to those shown in the video.