The influencer birth announcement that has us blinking twice.


Most women who’ve just pushed roughly three kilograms of human being out of their body aren’t particularly fussed about their hair or their foundation or whether they’ve nailed a smoky eye for the post-birth Instagram upload.

But Lilly Ghalichi isn’t most people.

The American social media influencer and former star of reality TV show The Shahs of Sunset just brought an actual real-life person into the world, and she chose to use the moment to #hustle for her beauty business.

“Alara Mir Born 9/30/18. Our hearts are so full. Thank you for choosing us to be your parents,” the 35-year-old wrote.

“Wearing the ‘MILF’ Lash during delivery by @LillyLashes from the ‘Living Your Best Life Collection’.”


Right. Good to know. We guess they’re… umm… sturdy?

The lawyer turned entrepreneur has several fashion and beauty-related business, including Lilly’s Lashes, an online fashion store, a line of hair extensions and even a hair-nourishing vitamin range.

And it seems she wasn’t prepared to pass up the golden opportunity of her birth to sling her wears to her three million followers. Some of whom were a bit, shall we say, confused.

“Promoting her lashes when she just [gave] birth to her baby. Oh my God,” one wrote.

“Enjoy your kid damnit!” added another.

And this: “How long until we put lashes on the baby?”

How Lilly celebrated reaching three million followers. Image: Instagram.

Little Alara is Ghalichi's first child to engineer/entrepreneur husband, Dara Mir, whom she married in May 2017.

In a video about the pregnancy posted to YouTube in May, the Texan born woman said it had been a simple path to conception.

“A lot of our friends had difficulties getting pregnant so we didn’t want to wait too long. But, well, we got pregnant! One try!” she said.

“It was really that easy for us. We are so blessed and fortunate. For so many women it is difficult. I was 34 at the time and I was scared.

"I found out I was pregnant while my husband was out of town. I could not believe it when I was looking at the test."