#InstaBirthStory: Women are now live-blogging their birth journey on Instagram.

Who decides who makes it into the delivery room?

Does your partner make it? Most likely. Your sister? Maybe. How about your mother-in-law? We’re going to assume that’s a big fat no.

Much like weddings, the delivery room ‘guest list’ can become a battlefield of hurt feelings. But now you can invite the whole of Instagram along for the ride…

Enter photographer Cate DePrisco’s latest project.

The Kansas-City based photographer has taken to Instagram to post real-time images of a couple’s birthing journey with the hashtag #InstaBirthStory. This way

Speaking to HuffPost UK Parents, DePrisco said, “I started sharing the first birth story live on my personal Instagram account.

“That story was 54 hours long. That meant there was quite a bit of down time so I’d post a photo I was proud of… and before I knew it, I realised I was telling a story and people were following along.”

From there, the project escalated with more parents wanting to be part of the project.

“That’s how I think Instagram is supposed to be used,” DePrisco explained. “It’s instantly sharing what’s going on in your life.”

Click through the gallery below to see more of DePrisco’s beautiful work.

See more of DePrisco’s series on her Instagram account InstaBirthStory and learn each couple’s back story on her website.

Would you let someone post your labour on instagram?

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