9 epic 'Let it Go' covers to celebrate Frozen's win at the Oscars.


He of the amazing comedy musical covers, Jimmy Fallon, has brought together the multi-talented musicians from hipster band The Roots and Idina Menzel — to perform Let It Go on classroom instruments.

It’s exactly as awesome as it sounds. Have a listen.

If you are reading this post, something beautiful has happened.

‘Let it Go’, the ‘end of Act One musical money moment’ from Disney’s Frozen, has won Best Original Song at the 86th Academy Awards.*

Haven’t heard it? Allow me to assist:

I have been obsessed with this song since January 7th, the day on which I first saw Frozen. (I think it’s best for my rep if I don’t disclose whether or not subsequent viewings have occurred… But, yeah. They have.)

Since then, the song has gone completely viral. If you typed ‘Let it Go cover’ into YouTube, cancelled your plans for the next month and sat in front of your computer trying to watch them all – employing a helper monkey to bring you sustenance and clean your  chamberpot – you would barely make a dent.

The song’s dual-appeal of ‘viralness’ and awesomeness is something that I have long been trying to explain to the rest of the Mamamia Team, to absolutely no avail.


Every morning, I bring a new amazing ‘Let it Go’ cover to our meeting. And every morning, the conversation goes something like this:

“Not again!”

“You’re the only person who likes it.”

“Can we just get a show of hands to see who has actually watched Frozen? Besides Mary?”


“Let it go” has taken on a whole new, bittersweet meaning.

But, after weeks of trying, I finally developed the perfect strategy to bring Frozen to Mamamia; a gentlewoman’s agreement with our Deputy Editor Lucy Ormonde.

The deal was simple. If ‘Let it Go’ won Best Original Song at the Oscars, I would get my ‘best of Frozen covers’ post.

I’d just like to thank the Academy…

1. The ‘African tribalized’ version.

2. The Idina vs Demi version.

3. The ‘1am in da club’ version.

4. The acoustic sisterhood version.

5. The Google Translate version.

6. The ‘thank goodness I’m not the only person out of primary school obsessed with this movie’ version.

(You can skip to 3:53 to just watch ‘Let it Go’. But the whole thing is a very high quality production.)

7. The tone deaf (but very cute) toddler version.

8. The Frozen/Passenger mash-up version.

9. The Good Morning America sing-along version (featuring ice skaters, half of Broadway, several adorable children, and IDINA HERSELF).


Or Lucy has decided to put this up to Frozen-shame me in the depths of my grief. Seems like the sort of thing the president of the I Hate Frozen Club would do.