7 times it pays to embrace your inner Queen Elsa and Let. It. Go.

You know who’s wise?


Magical icy powers aside, she’s got her rage sorted. She knows how to Let. It. Go.

And it’s time we took a leaf out of her snowy book.

Do you feel like the little things are getting to you? Do you feel like some days, the annoyance is just building and building until you want to scream blue murder at the barista who accidentally forgot to put chocolate powder on your cappuccino?

Gif via Disney, Frozen.

Me too. We don't have rage problems. We just have high standards. Right? Right.

But even so, it's time to let it go. Let it goooooo. Don't rage about it any longerrrr.

If these things are ticking you off on a daily basis until your face is flushing red, it's time to take a deep breath.

Now, with that in mind here are the seven things people should just let go.

1. Road rage.

"Where did you get your license, in a cereal packet?" It's one of my favourite things to yell at the top of my lungs from the safety of my car. But it's certainly throwing off my zen.

Maybe that guy didn't mean to cut me off. Or maybe his wife is in labour and he's rushing to hospital. Or maybe he's just a terrible driver. Whatever. It's not my problem, and I'm not going to let it affect my mood. Road rage, BE GONE.

Road rage, BE GONE. Image via Disney, Frozen.

2. Staining your shirt.

Avocado. Coffee. A chocolate-dipped churro. Whatever you just spilled on your top, don't worry about it. Take a deep breath and try wiping it off in the bathroom. And if it doesn't come off, no one will care. They'll think it's funny and charming. Especially if you give them a chocolate-dipped churro to spill on their own shirt.

3. The approval of others.

Social media has given us a constant need of approval. If you're feeling a bit anxious about not having enough likes thrown your way, then it is time to shut it down. Or if someone is giving you a hard time at work, accept their disapproval and move on. You probably don't approve of all of their choices anyway. You know who's opinion matters? Yours.

It's time to take Queen Elsa's mantra to heart and Let. It. Go. (Post continues after video...)

4. Bad body image.

So, you didn't get to the gym this week. Who cares? Your body is sitting there right now, like an old friend who has never left your side, waiting for a compliment. Treat your body often with good health and a bit of pampering, and give yourself a break. You're hot. But more importantly, you're a lovely person. And that matters.

5. Things that annoy you on the internet.

Do NOT engage in online arguments. I repeat, do NOT engage in online arguments. If an article or status ticks you off, ignore it. Not only will it save your energy and mental resources for something actually worth your time, it will stop the stupid article from getting any attention. The second you comment on it, the readership increases. Remember that, and let it fade into the Internet abyss.

6. Messy house.

Your house is a mess? Meh. There are certainly benefits in having an organised house, but if you have left a pile of dishes in the sink and a messy bed at home, who cares? You'll get to it when you get to it. Or someone else will, hopefully. I mean, definitely take care of it before your house appears on that Hoarders show... but don't carry a mental burden of housework around with you either.

7. The fear that everyone in the village will notice your magical freezing powers and you'll be royally ostracised from your throne.

So now you can just rip off your tiara and your gloves and sing it out and throw snow everywhere and build an ice castle. No wait, that's Elsa. See? Her problems = sorted.

Rage never got anyone a happy ending. Save yours for the times you really, really need it, which is almost never. So when you run into those little everyday rage-makers, take a deep breath, close your eyes, channel a blonde Disney princess twirling on top of a mountain, and let it go.

Do you ever embrace your inner Queen Elsa?