Estranged husband allegedly breached AVO to murder Leila Alavi.

Leila Alavi, 26, was an apprentice hairdresser. She was at work on Saturday when she received a phone call from her estranged husband, Mokhtar Hosseiniamraei.

She left work to meet him in a shopping centre carpark.

When she didn’t return to work, her colleagues went to find her.

Shortly after 10 they found her dead in her Holden Astra, with a knife wound to her throat.

Mokhtar Hosseiniamraei has been arrested and charged with her murder and breach of the Apprehended Violence Order that Leila had taken out against him.

Leila Alavi and estranged husband. Source: Facebook.

Domestic violence orders, AVOs, intervention orders – whatever you call them, here’s how to get one.

Miss Alavi’s colleagues and friends have spoken to Fairfax media of their love for the woman was originally from Iran and known by all as a bubbly, bright woman.

Zeynap Zabinoglu, a local cafe owner, had parked next to Leila the day she was allegedly murdered, and described her as “very responsible, trustworthy in every way and a really hard worker” and “one of the nicest people you could ever have around you”.

Leila Alavi. Source: Facebook.

“I said good morning to her and she said good morning to me and then we both went to work, Mr Zabinoglu said. “Then about an hour and a half later I heard the other girls who work there screaming. I called the police and told them to get here as fast as they can.”

A crime scene has been established at the shopping centre while the Homicide squad investigate the case further.