Five family-friendly dinners that will use up all your leftovers.

Chicken and corn soup.

Each week I accumulate a variety of leftovers in the fridge that are ignored and eventually thrown away. It’s such a waste, and I feel guilty every time I discard them. Sound familiar?

My biggest challenges each week are finding time to cook healthy dinners, minimising waste and keeping the fridge clean and tidy. This week I plan to solve all three of these issues in one hit by using every single leftover I normally have in my fridge to create delicious and healthy meals.

Wish me luck.

Monday: Leftover barbecue chicken = Chicken soup

Kids’ fried rice.

This chicken soup recipe is hearty, healthy and delicious. It makes excellent use of leftover roast chicken and kids love anything with corn, right?

Get the recipe here.

Tuesday: Leftover rice = Kids’ Fried Rice

This fried rice is so quick and easy. It can be served as a main or a side and is an excellent lunch or dinner. The beauty of fried rice is you can add in whatever leftovers you have in the fridge including rice, chicken, meat and vegetables.

Get the recipe here.

Wednesday: Leftover vegetables = Potato pancakes

These delicious potato pancakes are so tasty and use up any leftover potatoes and vegetables you have lying around in your fridge.

Get the recipe here.

Extra mild tacos.

Thursday: Leftover pasta sauce = Extra mild tacos

Pasta sauce gives tacos the most delicious flavour. My kids don’t like any sort of spice whatsoever so skip the taco seasoning and use pasta sauce instead for happy little eaters. Use hard or soft shells, or both!

Get the recipe here.

Friday: Leftover pasta = Creamy pasta bake

This bake is just perfect for one of those cold evenings when you want something satisfying. Pasta bake goes really well with broccoli and corn as well as tuna, fish or even chicken.

Get the recipe here.

Do you have any favourite easy leftover recipes to share?

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